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Specifying Cisco WebEx Connect Click-to-Call Settings

Cisco WebEx Click-to-Call settings work only for users on Cisco WebEx application versions 6.x. This topic describes the procedure to configure the following:

  • Cisco WebEx Click-to-Call Settings
  • Cisco UC Integration for Cisco WebEx Settings

The configuration settings apply only to users in your Cisco WebEx organization that do not belong to any cluster. For more information about creating Cisco Unified Communications Clusters, see Creating unified communications clusters.

Additionally, we recommend referring the following documentation resources:

To specify Cisco WebEx Click-to-Call settings:

  1. Select the Configuration tab to open the System Settings screen.
  2. Select IM to open the General IM screen.
  3. Select Unified Communications to open the Unified Communications screen.
  4. Under Cisco WebEx Click-to-Call Settings:
    • Select Enable Cisco WebEx Click-to-Call by default to enable Click-to-Call integration for your organization by default. This option enables Click-to-Call integration for your organization whether or not you have created a separate Click-to-Call cluster.
    • In the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) box, enter the IP address or server name for the CUCM server configured for your Cisco WebEx Organization. Note that unless you select Enable Cisco WebEx Click-to-Call by default, you will be unable to enter settings for CUCM.
    • Select Allow user to enter manual settings to permit the users of your Cisco WebEx Organization to manually specify Click-to-Call settings. If you select this option, the user-entered settings will override the default Click-to-Call settings entered by the Organization Administrator.
  5. Under Cisco UC Integration for Cisco WebEx Settings, enter the URL for Cisco UC Integration for Cisco WebEx Setup Download URL. This URL enables your Cisco WebEx Organization's users to download the Setup program, which installs the Cisco Unified Communications Integration (CUCI) feature on to their Cisco WebEx application.
  6. Select Save to save the Cisco UC settings for your Cisco WebEx organization.
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