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Creating upgrade sites

An upgrade site helps you add specific users to whom upgrades of the Cisco WebEx Connect application and Cisco Jabber application should be deployed. An upgrade site is used when you create an upgrade task to deploy the upgrade to specific users in your organization. For information on creating an upgrade task, see Specifying upgrade management settings.

To create an upgrade site:

  1. Select the Configuration tab to open the Organization Information screen as the default view.
  2. Under Connect Client, select Upgrade Management to open the Upgrade Management screen.
  3. Scroll down if required to locate the Upgrade Site section. If you have selected Default as the upgrade mode, the Upgrade Site section is not displayed. Additionally, if no upgrade sites have been created, this section is be blank.



  4. Select Add to open the Add Upgrade Site dialog box.



  5. In the Upgrade Site Name box, enter a name for the upgrade site and select Save. The new upgrade site appears on the Upgrade Management screen. You can add any number of upgrade sites in your organization.
  6. To view users belonging to an upgrade site, select the View Users icon. To learn how to add users to an upgrade site, see Creating new users.

To delete an upgrade site:

  1. To delete an upgrade site, select it and select Delete. If the upgrade site is scheduled for an upgrade task, a message is displayed indicating that you cannot delete it.
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