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Audit Trail Report

The Audit Trail report displays a list of all the actions performed by the Cisco WebEx Messenger Organization Administrator. Every action that the Organization Administrator performs within Cisco WebEx Messenger Administration Tool is logged by the tool and displayed in the Audit Trail report. This includes actions such as signing into the Cisco WebEx Messenger Administration Tool, clicking various tabs on the Cisco WebEx Messenger Administration Tool interface, changing configuration settings and generating the Audit Trail report itself.


The Audit Trail report is available as a CSV file and includes the following details:





Sign in ID of the Organization Administrator whose actions are logged and captured in this report.


Timestamp of each individual action performed by the Organization Administrator.


Category to which the action belongs. Typical categories include sign in, configuration, policy management, and report management.

Sub Category

Sub category to which the action belongs. Typical sub categories include meetings, XMPP IM clients, policy action addition and removal, auto upgrade and unified communications.


Details of the action. For instance, when the Organization Administrator changes Unified Communication settings, the corresponding details will include the following wording: Changed the Org-Level settings for all clusters.


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