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Single Sign-on

This topic provides an overview of using single sign-on to sign in Cisco WebEx Messenger.

In a standard configuration, the users' sign in name and password are independent from the authentication credentials used by their company or organization. This requires users to remember another set of sign in credentials. Additionally, Organization Administrators are required to manage a separate set of user accounts.

Single sign-on also permits companies to use their on-premise single sign-on system to simplify the management of Cisco WebEx Administration. With single sign-on, users securely sign in to the application using their corporate sign in credentials. The user's sign in credentials are not sent to Cisco WebEx, protecting the user's corporate sign in information.

As a single sign-on configuration option, user accounts can be automatically created the first time a user signs in. Single sign-on also prevents users from accessing Cisco WebEx application if their corporate sign in account has been deactivated.

The Cisco WebEx application supports single sign-on systems based on the industry standard Security Assertion Markup Language SAML2 and WS-Federation protocol.

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