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Specifying Cisco Unified Communication settings for Click-to-Call

To specify Cisco Unified Communication settings for Click-to-Call


Important: Organization administrators should contact their customer support representative for CUCI provisioning.

  1. Select the Configuration tab to open the Organization Information screen.
  2. Under Additional Services, select Unified Communications
  3. Select Clusters to display the Clusters screen. Previously created clusters are displayed.



    • To delete a cluster, select the checkbox next to the cluster name and select Delete. A confirmation message is displayed.
    • Select Yes in the confirmation message box to delete the selected cluster. Clusters with associated users cannot be deleted.
  4. Select Add to view the New Cluster dialog box.



  5. Enter a name for the new cluster in the Cluster Name box.
  6. If it is not already selected, select Enable Cisco WebEx Connect Click-to-Call.
  7. Select Allow user to enter manual settings to permit all users belonging to this cluster to specify their Cisco Unified CM settings.



    Note: When you enable this option, user-entered settings will override the default or global Click-to-Call settings specified for the Cisco WebEx organization.


  8. In the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) box, enter the IP Address of CUCM configured for your Cisco WebEx organization. Make sure that your CUCM includes a Device Type called Client Services Framework (CSF). For more information on configuring your CUCM to work with CSF, refer to the section titled Preparing Cisco Unified Communications Manager in the CUCI-Connect Configuration Guide available at
  9. Select Save to save the Click-to-Call cluster settings and return to the Unified Communications screen. The new Click-to-Call cluster is now displayed under Cisco Unified Communications Clusters.


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