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Organization Certificate Management

Used to manually import, validate, or remove X.509 certificates, Organization Certification Management is a management tool for Organization Administrators.

  1. Select Organization Certificate Management to display the Organization Certificate Management dialog box and available certificates. Previously imported X.509 certificates are displayed.


    Note: Certificates are limited to a maximum of three and only one can be active at any given time.



  2. Select a certificate link in the Certificate Alias column to view certificate details and, optionally, select Remove to remove the certificate.
  3. Select Import New Certificate... to display the Organization Certificate Management dialog box.  


  4. In the Organization Certificate Management dialog box:
    • Enter your company's Cisco WebEx Organization name in the Alias field.
    • Select Browse to navigate to the X.509 certificate. The certificate should be in a cer or crt file format.
      • Only certificates with 1024, 2048 or 4096 encryption bits and RC4-MD5 algorithms are supported.
    • Select Import to import the certificate. If the certificate is not according to the format specified for an X.509 certificate, an error is displayed.
  5. Select Close and Save to save your newly imported organization certificate and return to the SSO Related Options screen
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