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Understanding Groups

The Cisco WebEx Messenger Organization Administrator organizes users into groups (or policy groups). The groups are assigned group policies to determine what actions are applied to users belonging to a particular group. Users can be members of one or more groups.

A top-level group, named with your company, or organization's name is created when your Cisco WebEx Messenger organization is provisioned. The Organization Administrator role can only be assigned to users who are members of the top level group.


Note: Cisco WebEx Messenger sees a personal library appear as a group associated with a user, but this group cannot be modified.

To view the Group screen:

  1. Sign in to the Cisco WebEx Messenger Administration Tool.
  2. Select the Group tab to open the Group screen.






    Where you enter the search terms to search for the group you want.



    Icons or tools that let you perform tasks related to groups.



    Where the list of groups is displayed.



    List of policies assigned to the currently-selected group.


    Note: The following options are not available when your Cisco WebEx Messenger organization is set up with Directory Integration and single sign-on integration:

    • Creating new groups
    • Editing existing groups
    • Deleting existing groups

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