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Entering domain information

The Domain(s) screen enables you to view the domains provisioned for your Cisco WebEx Messenger Organization. Additionally, you can specify a Domain Whitelist, which is a list of "trusted" domains outside your Messenger Organization.

The process of provisioning the Cisco WebEx Messenger Organization begins when the Cisco WebEx Messenger provisioning team receives a provisioning request from the company or organization that has purchased Cisco WebEx Messenger. When you create the Cisco WebEx Messenger Organization as part of the provisioning request, you will typically enter domain names or sub domain names that will be part of this Cisco WebEx Messenger Organization.

Examples of a domain include,,, and so on. Examples of sub domains include,, and so on.

A domain whitelist is a list of trusted domains that are external to your Cisco WebEx Messenger Organization's domains and sub domains. A trusted domain is one that has a relationship of trust established with your Cisco WebEx Messenger Organization's domains. For example, if is your Cisco WebEx Organization, you can add, to your domain whitelist after establishing a relationship of trust with such (external) domains.

To enter domain information:

  1. Select the Configuration tab to open the Organization Information screen as the default view.
  2. Under System Settings, select Domain(s) to open the Domain(s) screen.





    Note: The list of domain names that appear in the Domain(s) box is already created by the Cisco WebEx Messenger provisioning team when the Cisco WebEx Messenger Organization is provisioned. To add, modify or remove domain names, contact your Cisco WebEx representative.


  3. In the Domain Whitelist box, enter the names of "trusted" domains. The domain names appearing in the domain whitelist are external to your Messenger Organization. The domain whitelist is used in conjunction with the policies. For more information, see Using Policy Actions Available in Cisco WebEx Messenger.



    Note: The domains you enter in the Domains and Domain Whitelist boxes impact how contacts are added in the Cisco WebEx Connect application and Cisco Jabber application.

    Contacts belonging to the whitelisted domains can only be viewed if you select My Organization & My Network when you setup the user profile view settings. For more information, see Entering contact list settings for Cisco WebEx Messenger application and Entering user profile view settings.


  4. Select Save to save your domain information settings.
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