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Using email templates

Cisco WebEx Messenger Administration Tool provides templates for email notifications and alerts that Cisco WebEx Messenger users receive. Organization Administrators can customize email templates. Once customized, any updates made to these templates by Cisco WebEx are lost. You can however, revert to the default templates at any time.

You can use variables to more fully customize email templates. For detailed information about using variables to customize email templates, see Email Templates.

To use email templates

  1. Select the Configuration tab to open the Organization Information screen as the default view.
  2. Under System Settings, select Email Templates to open the Email Templates screen.



  3. Select the email template that you want to modify. The Edit Email Template dialog box is displayed.



  4. Enter the appropriate information in each field starting with Email Name.
  5. In the Message box, enter the text of the email template.



    Note: Every email template contains pre-existing message text in the Message box. You can customize or change it according to your requirements.


  6. Select Save to return to the Email Templates screen.



    Note: Cisco WebEx will continue to enhance the content of email templates from time to time. Organization Administrators who do not customize their email templates will get the updated content automatically.

    Once email templates are customized, only the customized templates will be used. Organization Administrators revert to using Cisco WebEx default email templates by selecting the email template and clicking Reset to Default.

    Any changes made to email templates will be lost once they are reset to Cisco WebEx default email templates.



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