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Entering organization information

The Organization Information screen enables you to provide relevant information about your Cisco WebEx Messenger Organization. A Cisco WebEx Messenger Organization signifies any organization where Cisco WebEx Messenger has been purchased and provisioned.

To provide Cisco WebEx Messenger Organization information:

  1. Select the Configuration tab to open the Organization Information screen as the default view.




  2. Enter the appropriate information in each of the settings fields.
  3. Verify that the name and email address of the Primary Administrator of your Cisco WebEx Messenger Organization is already present. This information is set when your Cisco WebEx Messenger Organization is provisioned. All critical information about Cisco WebEx services, such as the availability of newer versions and maintenance schedules will be sent to this email address. To change this information, contact your Cisco WebEx representative.
  4. In the Notification Email field, specify the email address used for sending alerts to Administrators when a critical event occurs. A typical example of a critical event is when storage usage for an organization exceeds its allocated limit.




    • You cannot enter or modify the Company name. This name is the same name provided at the time of purchase.
    • Contact information such as address and business phone is for information purposes.
    • The Notification Email address is the Organization Administrator's email address by default. You can change it to any other email Id including a distribution list.


  5. Select Save to save your organization information.
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