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Specifying password settings

An Organization Administrator can specify password settings for users in your Cisco WebEx Messenger Organization. Password settings determine how passwords are enforced in various scenarios such as when a new user signs up for a Cisco WebEx Messenger account or existing users want to change their passwords.

A password does not come into effect until it meets all the rules you have set for it in this screen.

To specify password settings

  1. Select the Configuration tab to display the Organization Information screen.
  2. Under System Settings, select Password Settings to open the Password Settings screen.




  3. Set the applicable choices by following the on-screen instructions. Note that by default, every Cisco WebEx Messenger Organization is provisioned with the following password settings:
    • Minimum password length = 6
    • Minimum number of alphabets = 1
    • Minimum number of numerals = 1

    If you want to reset these minimum password length requirements, contact your Cisco WebEx representative.

  4. In the List of Unacceptable Passwords box, enter the words or terms that are prohibited to be used in a password. Typically, this includes terms such as your organization name, the word "password," URLs, and so on. Separate each term with a comma.
  5. Select Save to save the password setting information.
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