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Specifying resource management information

Resource management information includes specifying details about the number of user licenses and storage space allotted for your Cisco WebEx Messenger organization.

You can only view the number of user licenses purchased for your Cisco WebEx Messenger organization. You can also view the number of active users in your Cisco WebEx Messenger organization. Active users are users who are actually using the Cisco WebEx Connect application and Cisco Jabber application. The number of active users is automatically updated when you activate or deactivate users. For information on activating and deactivating users, see Deactivating and reactivating users.

To increase the number of user licenses, contact your Cisco WebEx representative.

To specify resource management information:

  1. Select the Configuration tab to open the Organization Information screen as the default view.
  2. Under System Settings, select Resource Management to open the Resource Management screen.







    • You cannot edit user license information and the Storage Purchased information.
    • The total amount of storage you have already used is indicated by Storage Used. Total storage used includes space consumed by files and persistent chat in all spaces created by users in your Messenger organization.
    • Space used up for storing NBR (Network based recording) is not calculated for computing the storage used.
    • The IM Logging User Licenses Purchased and IM Logging User Licenses Used fields are displayed if your organization has purchased the IM Archiving feature. For more information, see Setting up IM Archiving.


  3. To allocate a fixed amount of storage space for each user in your Messenger organization, select Enable storage enforcement for each user.
  4. In the Default file storage allocation per user, enter the number of megabytes you want to allocate for each user as the default storage space.




    • By default, storage enforcement is not enabled for each user. In such a case, storage is used based on the “First Come First Served” basis until the total storage utilization reaches the licensed storage limit.
    • When storage enforcement for each user is enabled, the Organization Administrator can specify a default storage limit when creating new users.
    • When you change this value, it does not change the storage limit that you have specified for a user in the Add User or Edit User dialog box


  5. Select Save to save your resource allocation information.
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