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Specifying settings for XMPP IM Clients

The XMPP IM Clients screen allows you to specify whether users within your Cisco WebEx Messenger organization are permitted to sign in using a third party IM application.

Instead of the Cisco WebEx Connect application and Cisco Jabber application, third party applications (for example, Pidgin for Linux) that support XMPP can also be used for basic IM communication. However, organization policies cannot be enforced on third party XMPP applications. Additionally, features such as end-to-end encryption, Desktop sharing, video calls, computer-to-computer calls, and teleconferencing are not supported with third party applications. A list of third party applications that support XMPP is available at the XMPP Standards Foundation website

To specify settings for XMPP IM clients:

  1. Select the Configuration tab to open the Organization Information screen as the default view.
  2. Under Connect Client, select XMPP IM Clients to open the XMPP IM Clients screen.



  3. Select Allow use of non-Connect XMPP IM clients to allow users in your Cisco WebEx Messenger Organization to sign in using a third party XMPP-based IM client. The SRV records for your domain can be found in the IM Federation screen under the Configuration tab. For more information, see Specifying IM Federation settings.
  4. Select Save to save the XMPP IM clients settings.
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