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An action-packed two days, WebexOne was fueled by new innovations. Let’s take a tour through all the announcements.


Thousands of people around the world joined us for WebexOne, the biggest collaboration event of the year. It was an exciting 2-days, packed full of innovations, real-world stories, and headline speakers. We even had the leader of worldwide enterprise product marketing from Apple join us for an exclusive sit-down with Jeetu Patel.

So, it’s no surprise the energy that filled the rooms was palpable—even virtually.

To help you keep track of all the groundbreaking innovations unveiled at the event, we are introducing WebexOne Wire. This is your one place to see all the announcements across the portfolio. From our new (and colorful!) devices, to the surprise Webex App for iPad integration, and of course the Webex Hologram, you’ll see it all here.

Businesses large and small are adapting to hybrid work and striving to deliver amazing customer experiences. After 18 months of disruption and change, we couldn’t think of a better time to deliver this level of inspiration.

We hope you enjoyed WebexOne as much as we did and are excited to see you again next year!

Hybrid Work

At WebexOne, we announced new, groundbreaking innovations that take inclusive collaboration to the next level.

Person in a headset collaborates with a group of colleagues via a video conference on a laptop in the kitchen.
  • Webex Suite

    Introducing new digital whiteboarding, a true multi-device experience allowing everyone to create, contribute, share, and collaborate from wherever they work. This new feature, announced as part of the Webex Suite, gives a home for all your whiteboards no matter which conversation, meeting, device, or space they were created in. You can share whiteboards in your meetings, and give access to people both inside and outside of your organization.

    Asynchronous video
    Just announced as part of the Webex Suite, Vidcast is an asynchronous video messaging tool that puts communication on your time. You can easily record videos, share them with teammates or customers, and quickly get feedback on the content—helping distributed teams collaborate more effectively.

    The new Webex Events portfolio which combines Webex Webinars (formerly Webex Events) and Socio (a robust, end-to-end event management platform), is now offered as part of the Webex Suite, allowing you to host events of all shapes and sizes—whether virtual, in-person, or hybrid. Best of all, it gives you the ability to consolidate collaboration and event purchases into a single suite of applications that includes meetings, calling, messaging, polling, and events.

    Webex Hologram
    Be an early adopter of the next big business disrupter. The future of collaboration is here, and we saved you a seat. Experience the richest collaboration experience yet with Webex Hologram, a real-time, photorealistic holographic interaction that goes beyond video conferencing for a truly immersive experience. Request a preview demo today!

  • Meetings

    Embedded apps
    Now you can integrate your favorite business apps directly into Webex. Choose leading visual collaboration tools like Miro or Mural, enterprise work management applications such as Smartsheet, and many more to get work done. Simply select the app and start using it, all without stepping out of your meeting or messaging.

    Simultaneous interpretationn
    In our pursuit to eliminate language as a barrier to collaboration, we’re introducing a new simultaneous interpretation feature. This allows hosts to designate a new role of “interpreter” when scheduling a meeting. You can then assign that person specific translation responsibilities and even specify handoffs between them and other translators, in the case a meeting runs long.

    Room booking app
    Easily find nearby conference rooms or Webex devices and book them instantly right from within the Webex app.

  • Calling

    Webex Go
    Another big announcement is the introduction of Webex Go, which lets you make your personal smart phone an extension of your business phone system. By enabling business lines natively on a mobile phone, users can make and receive business calls and take advantage of enterprise-grade calling features without the use of an app—all while being centrally provisioned and administered in Control Hub.

    Nomadic E911 service
    We announced a new Nomadic E911 service with dymanic location support, compliant with RAY BAUM’S Act (U.S.) phase II. When you are using the Webex App and need to make an emergency call, it will provide accurate location information to emergency services for easier and timely dispatch. When at your enterprise campus, it provides the location information based on the network topology your administrator configures. When you’re at locations that are outside the campus, the Webex App will prompt the user for the address that should be used as part of emergency call.

    Dedicated Instance
    We also now offer Dedicated Instance, which is based on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager and is integrated into Webex Calling. This brings cloud innovation and an enhanced experience to those who still need to support older Cisco phones or existing UCM integrations that are part of business-critical workflows.

    Singlewire InformaCast integration
    You can now send emergency announcements—either live or as recorded audio pages—to Cisco phones, desktop computers, and mobile devices to keep people informed about critical situations.

    Expanded global calling plans
    In addition to the U.S., U.K., and Canada plans we have today, we have launched Cisco Calling Plan trials in Europe in 10 additional countries: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, and Sweden. Learn more about the Cisco Calling Plans.

    Reimagined shared line experience
    Our new quick calling window makes it easier for users to multi-task, answer calls faster, and be more productive. This multiline call flow feature was made for calling power users like an Executive Admin or Support person who shares lines and responsibilities with other team members. It enables all supported phone lines to be visible with latest status and per line notifications allowing for supporting employees to optimize real-time call routing.

    Cloud Calling from a personal room device
    Another exciting innovation that we released is Cloud Calling from a personal room device. This means you can call your colleagues by name or extension, or make and receive PSTN calls directly with your Webex Desk Pro device.

  • Events

    Webex Events portfolio
    Gone are the days of being forced to use and integrate many event solutions built by different vendors to power your events. Webex is bringing together Webex Webinars (formerly Webex Events) and Socio under one powerful portfolio. This new portfolio supports events of all types and sizes—from webinars to multi-session events, and conferences to community building. Whether large or small; simple or complex; in-person, virtual, or hybrid, we’ve got your event covered.

    End-to-end event management
    With the recent acquisition of Socio, we’ve expanded on our existing virtual event solutions to include end-to-end hybrid event management and new capabilities for ticketing, monetization, networking, and more.

    Events feature enhancements
    Webex Webinars will be adding breakout rooms to create smaller, more intimate discussions during your virtual events. Additionally, Slido polling and Q&A features are now integrated into both Webex Webinars and Socio. And finally, integrated onsite attendee management capabilities including registration, badging, and printing will be coming soon in Socio.

  • Control Hub

    Simplified user management experience
    We've enhanced the user experience within Control Hub so IT can easily onboard and manage users at scale by assigning specific licenses or privileges to user groups rather than individuals.

    Custom analytics dashboard
    We're now enabling IT to build their own custom dashboards leveraging all the charts and data available in Control Hub, creating unique views for specific use cases like QBRs or executive reviews.
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    ThousandEyes and Webex are joining forces to combine bi-directional visibility and network monitoring into the Webex environment. ThousandEyes vantage points integrated into Webex data centers give IT teams end-to-end visibility between users and Webex conferencing services, enabling rapid issue identification and troubleshooting to provide exceptional Webex experiences.

    DNA Spaces
    DNA Spaces unites the power of Webex Devices and Meraki with cutting edge AI to inform you how your spaces are being utilized, better equipping you to keep your people healthy and safe, while addressing your sustainability goals.

  • Integrations

    Embedded apps
    Now you can integrate your favorite business apps directly into Webex. Choose leading visual collaboration tools like Miro or Mural, enterprise work management applications like Smartsheet, and many more to get work done. Simply select the app and start using it, all without stepping out of your meeting or messaging.

    Webex App for iPad
    Specially designed for Apple iPadOS 15, you can easily access the full power of Webex directly from the home screen. Calling, messaging, meetings—are all reimagined for the touchscreen.

  • Intelligence

    Audio intelligence
    New audio intelligence with Webex helps decrease listener fatigue. Now you can "optimize for my voice", and coming soon you can "optimize for all voices" to either remove background talkers or include all voices, while removing all other background noises.

    Collaboration Insights
    As part of Webex Collaboration Insights, we announced the availability of personal insights, as well as new previews for team insights. Personal insights let you monitor your personal preferences and customize your interactions with colleagues, so you get the most out of your time at work. And team insights give you a team view of collaboration patterns so you can build stronger and more inclusive work experiences for everyone.

    Webex Assistant skills
    Now available, Webex Assistant skills is a platform that lets your organization build custom functionalities for Webex Assistant for Devices. You can add a display of the weather or the lunch menu, or build a control for the lights and the room temperature—the possibilities are endless!

Webex Devices

A line-up of brand new devices was unveiled at WebexOne. Packed with powerful intelligence and stylish design, these were purpose-built for the home, the office, and everywhere in between.

Webex Desk Mini

A row of five Webex Desk Minis in an array of colors: sand, black, gray, blue, and green.

The Webex Desk Mini is the new portable, all-in-one collaboration device. Our smallest and most colorful desk device lets you turn any space into a productive workspace. It’s style that meets productivity, with five new colors to choose from: Desert Sand, Nordic Blue, Woodland Green, First Light Gray, or Carbon Black. Meet, work, and co-create on an interactive 1080p display that’s designed for distraction-free collaboration, anywhere.

Bang & Olufsen Headset 980
Bang & Olufsen Headset 980
New Bang & Olufsen Headset 980

Designed by class-leaders Bang & Olufsen and Cisco, this new wireless headset delivers an engaging, high-end audio experience for phone calls, video meetings, and even listening to music or podcasts. With Bluetooth 5.1, Webex integrations, convenient on-ear call controls, and enterprise grade security, it delivers best-in-class connectivity and functionality.

Four colleagues collaborate using the Webex Board Pro.
The Webex Board Pro
New Webex Board Pro

Introducing the Webex Board Pro, the next-generation collaboration device for hybrid teamwork. It combines premium collaboration, video meetings, and digital whiteboarding in an intelligent touch screen that turns any meeting room into a hybrid workspace.

The Cisco Headset 300 Series hangs displayed on a wall.
Cisco Headset 300 Series
New Cisco Headset 300 Series

The new Cisco Headset 300 series offers affordable wired headsets that integrate with Cisco devices for easy setup and effortless IT administration. It also comes with a Webex join button so you can easily hop into your next meeting.

Webex Board in a conference room powered by Room OS 11
New RoomOS 11

Introducing a new modern user experience that is optimized for touch-screen interfaces, powered by RoomOS 11. Everything runs like an app, and you can easily switch between workflows, making multitasking a breeze. Simply swipe up to reveal the task-switcher, which will expose all of your running applications. This makes it easy to choose whether you want to work on a third-party application, a whiteboard, or give all your attention to your meeting. It’s easy to return to any workflow. Simply swipe left to reveal all of your device controls.

New intelligence features

People Focus
With Webex Devices, everyone gets an equal seat at the table. People Focus utilizes the intelligence built into Webex Devices cameras to dynamically update the screen layout, ensuring you always get the best view in a meeting, regardless of where you join from.

Optimize for my voice
We live in a noisy world, but that shouldn’t prevent us from having engaging meetings. With new speech intelligence, Webex distinguishes between foreground, and background talkers. When you select “optimize for my voice” on your device, only the voices closest to the microphone are captured and all background speech is removed—while simultaneously removing all background noise and room reverberation that may otherwise affect clear speech.

People availability
RoomOS 11 will now pull in a person’s availability status from the Webex App, to your device. This streamlines communication by making it easier to see whether the person you are about to call from your device is available, without the need to check the Webex App directly.