Customer Awards

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Award categories

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Hybrid Work Celebrating customer achievement for the successful design and implementation of hybrid work solutions.
Customer Experience Recognizing a company that uses exceptional customer experience tactics to create the best Contact Center story.
Innovation This award is intended for customers at the forefront of digital transformation, leading their industry through the use of the latest technologies.
Diversity & Inclusion This award is to honor a company which has actively sought to create a diverse and inclusive business model through the use of technology.
Collaboration Celebrating a company using the integrated capabilities of Meetings, Calling, Messaging, and Events.

2020 Webex awards

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Frequently asked questions.

  • Who can nominate a customer for a Webex Award?

    We encourage customers to self-nominate; in addition, Cisco employees and partners can submit a nomination on behalf of a customer.
  • Can I submit more than one nomination for the same company?

    Yes, you can! Just make sure that you submit a separate nomination form for each of the award categories and ensure that each nomination form has content specific for that award.
  • What is the criteria for selecting the winners?

    See each award category for specifics. In general, the best submissions will have metrics and quantifiable benefits of using Webex by Cisco Collaboration.
  • Is this program limited to a specific geographic region?

    The Webex Awards program is a global program and we welcome submissions from all regions.
  • Do the Webex Awards recognize a company or an individual at the company?

    The Webex Awards recognize the company.
  • When is the deadline to submit a nomination?

    The deadline is Friday, October 1st, 2021 at 5 pm Pacific Time.
  • When and where will the winners receive their awards?

    The winners will be publicly announced at the WebexOne event. Stay tuned for exact date and time.
  • Does the customer need to be registered for WebexOne to be nominated for an award?

    The customer does not need to be registered for WebexOne to be nominated.
  • Who can I contact if I have questions?

    Please contact Tirzah Dondanville at tdondanv@cisco.com with any questions regarding the Webex Awards.