Your digital AI meeting assistant is arriving.

Lead more productive and engaged meetings with the new AI-powered Cisco Webex Assistant for Webex Meetings. Spend less time managing the meeting, and more time focused on the outcomes, with automatic note-taking, live transcription, and post-meeting follow-ups.

Webex Assistant for Webex Meetings will be available to add on to your plan later this year.

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Lead more focused and engaged meetings.

Forget about taking notes, capturing action items, and even fumbling with meeting controls. With an AI assistant at the ready, simply voice your commands so you can keep your focus on the meeting at hand

  • A voice-activated assistant allows you to easily control the meeting through a set of voice commands.
  • Simply ask your AI-powered Webex Assistant to do things like create actions items, take notes, and even set up future meetings—with just your voice.
  • Your Webex Assistant will automatically transcribe the entire meeting in real-time.
  • With visual animation, your virtual AI assistant interacts with you and your meeting attendees during the meeting and when called upon.

Never miss a minute.

Capture every detail with real-time transcription and closed captioning during the meeting, as well as recordings and transcripts after the meeting.

  • Easily record meetings and download assets after the meeting ends, including audio, video and transcript.
  • Real-time transcription and closed captioning use advanced voice technology for accurate speech-to-text capture of what is discussed and decided upon in each meeting.
  • Automatic note-taking means highlights are captured during the meeting, and are easily editable to ensure complete control over the final meeting notes.
  • Find exactly what you’re looking for in your post-meeting recordings with an advanced keyword search that scours not just one, but all your meeting recordings.

Transform meetings from aimless to actionable.

The meeting may have ended, but it shouldn’t be forgotten. With Webex Assistant, you can automatically create post-meeting recap emails complete with highlights and action items, to keep working moving after the meeting.

  • During the meeting, ask Webex Assistant to highlight a note or action item, or easily highlight the point yourself.
  • Specific trigger words will also cause Webex Assistant to capture key points and action items automatically.
  • Keep everyone in the loop by easily editing and sharing meeting highlights, transcripts and recordings.
  • Quickly send follow-up emails and action items to everyone in the meeting or to specific attendees.

Security you can trust.

With AI and real-time meeting transcription, you get peace of mind that your data is always secure. And with Cisco Webex, you’re getting the highest in data privacy and security standards, every time.

  • Meeting transcripts are done directly within Cisco, so there’s no sending recordings to outside vendors for transcription, unlike other video conferencing vendors.
  • The Webex recording and transcription process is managed and operated within the Cisco cloud and follows our strict security practices, so your data is secure every step of the way.

* Feature availability varies based on offer and geography.