Webex Assistant

A digital assistant that works for you, wherever you work.

An AI-powered assistant makes your meetings more productive, and your time better spent. Get Webex Assistant free with a Webex plan.

Webex Assistant asks a businessperson if they'd like to join their next meeting, speaking from the Webex Desk Pro in their office.

Stay focused on what matters most.

Webex Assistant takes care of all those little tasks, letting you focus on the priorities and get more done in less time.

Never lift a finger Voice-activated commands give you a hands-free collaboration experience in your meetings or on your room devices.
Focus on the conversation Webex Assistant can take notes, provide closed captions, and create meeting highlights so your attention stays focused.
Keep work moving Easily edit and share meeting highlights, meeting recordings, and action items so nothing slips through the cracks after the meeting.

Secure and private by design.

Get peace of mind that your data is always secure with the highest in data privacy and security standards.

Features that put security first

  • No data retention

    Webex Assistant doesn't retain customer data for machine learning training, except for opt-in features.
  • In-house transcription

    Webex Assistant is the only provider with in-house transcription management, preserving customer security.
  • Anonymized analytics

    Telemetry, quality metrics, and logs are aggregated to measure performance, keeping individual usage details private.
  • Wake words

    Audio data isn't streamed to the cloud for processing until Webex Assistant for Webex Rooms hears the wake words “OK Webex” or “Hey Webex” locally on the device.