Overview of key features

Learn more about frequently used features to get the most out of your online meetings.

Select a topic below to see how you can use each feature offered with your WebEx account.

Invite and remind participants - invite participants to an online meeting that has already started via email, voice conference, or instant messenger, and send reminders about your upcoming meeting.
Use integrated WebEx audio – create a more productive meeting experience with integrated WebEx audio.
Record your meeting - record your actions during your meeting so you can review the discussion at a later time, or send to colleagues who couldn’t attend.
Share content - get everyone on the same page. Open any document or application and discuss it in real time with other participants.
Pass the ball - let other participants share and present documents from their computers and assign privileges to individual participants.
Transfer files - avoid sending emails back and forth by exchanging files – no matter how large – in your meeting quickly, easily, and securely.
Interact within a meeting - use polling and chat, and learn how to integrate webcams into your meeting for a more personal experience.
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