A T-Mobile employee sits in a conference room, engaging in a Webex Meeting with colleagues.

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T-Mobile is bringing 5G access to everyone, with the help of Webex.

T-Mobile leverages Webex to improve collaboration and deliver incredible customer experiences, while securing their spot as one of America’s leading wireless providers with 104.8 million customers.

T-Mobile employees collaborate in a meeting and whiteboard their ideas with the help of Webex.
A unified collaboration experience for hybrid teams at

T-Mobile traded their patchwork of devices and software for a unified collaboration suite from Webex, providing employees with an intuitive, engaging experience—regardless of where they’re working.

Intuitive collaboration and incredible customer service.

T-Mobile knows that delivering incredible customer service is critical for growing and retaining their customer base. Find out how T-Mobile is elevating internal collaboration and customer experience with Webex.


T-Mobile needed next-generation collaboration and contact center solutions that would enable them to stay at the top of their game.


Webex gave T-Mobile a single, intelligent solution to collaborate and stay connected with their customers.


With Webex, T-Mobile delivers a unified collaboration experience for its hybrid teams and provides delightful customer service with Webex Contact Center.

Engaged customers, exceptional experiences.

Create connected customer journeys across the entire customer lifecycle with Webex Contact Center.

Supercharging connection, delighting customers.

Discover how T-Mobile leverages the Webex Suite, Webex Contact Center, and Cisco Devices to power enhanced collaboration and customer experience.

One collaboration suite, purpose-built for hybrid work

With Webex, T-Mobile now has one easy-to-use app to call, meet, message, and get work done.

Integrated collaboration devices

The T-Mobile team replaced their patchwork of collaboration devices in their conference rooms with Cisco Devices, providing a high-quality, integrated collaboration experience, so meetings start on time and everyone can easily participate.

Modern, intuitive meeting experiences

Instead of struggling with tech for 5-15 minutes every meeting, T-Mobile employees now easily get connected in seconds.

Inclusive real-time collaboration

All employees can participate equally and make their voice heard with robust video conferencing features such as reaction emojis, interactive polling, and immersive screen sharing.

Equipping a remote workforce

T-Mobile rapidly moved 12,000 agents to fully remote work, enabling them to continue collaborating safely while helping customers during a time of great uncertainty.


Webex Suite
Cisco Devices

Making the right call with Webex.

In Webex, T-Mobile found a trusted collaboration partner to help take their collaboration and customer service to the next level.

“Webex was critical in the success of the Sprint merger. From Day 1 that is how we communicated due to what was happening in the world. We had executive meetings on Webex, we had new team meetings. We were being introduced to new folks we hadn’t worked with in the past.”

John Morrison, Director of Collaboration & Productivity Services, T-Mobile


“Webex is a critical component of T-Mobile's collaboration ecosystem and helps us deliver on our brand promise of delivering outstanding wireless services to our customers.”

Eric Jensen, Sr. Manager of Collaboration & Productivity Services, T-Mobile

“We have employees distributed all across the country and so being able to connect seamlessly, easily, with a consistent experience is paramount. Having great audio visual and a seamless experience brings it to life.”

Darcey Estes, VP of Corporate Real Estate & Facilities, T-Mobile

“We have relied on Webex for nearly every aspect of our business over the past 2 years.”

Callie Field, President, T-Mobile Business Group

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