Webex Inclusivity

Power a more inclusive way of working.

Webex breaks down the barriers that keep us apart so that everyone can participate equally, from anywhere.


Person takes a Webex Meeting in the kitchen

We believe

In the era of hybrid work, we believe more can be achieved when diverse ideas and workstyles come together, and everyone can contribute equally, fully, and as their best selves. Inclusivity is at the core of everything we do. That’s why Webex was designed to give everyone a voice and to make sure you’re included no matter where you work or how you communicate.

Where you work.

Webex lets you collaborate in real time with anyone, anywhere—regardless of geography, time zone, language, location, or culture. ​Whether separated by time or space, role or hierarchy, Webex brings everyone together to do amazing work.

Real-time translation

Webex provides a real-time translation of your meetings in 100+ different languages so you can communicate with anyone, from anywhere.


Explore more features below

Virtual backgrounds

Remove distracting backdrops by using virtual, customized, or blurred backgrounds in your meetings.​

Closed captions

If you’re stuck in a noisy setting, easily follow along in a meeting with closed captioning on screen.​

Background noise removal

Silence distracting background noise like kids, dogs, keyboard typing, and more, so your meeting participants hear only you.​

Meeting highlights & actions

Easily download, edit, or share a post-meeting recap complete with highlights and action items, so everyone is on the same page.​

Meeting transcripts

Get written transcriptions of your full meeting, so everyone can catch up, whether they were in attendance or not.​

Automatic video adaption

Makes sure everyone can fully participate, even from poor networks, by automatically optimizing video and audio quality.

How you communicate.

With Webex, all workstyles and communication styles are welcome. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, an occassional user or a power user, in an office or on the go, Webex makes sure you can always be heard.

Gesture recognition & reactions

Now there are even more ways to express yourself in meetings with on-screen emojis for clapping, thumbs up/down, smiling, laughing, and more. Choose an animated reaction or simply gesture with your hands.

Roundtable templates

Give everyone a voice with a predefined meeting template that gives all participants a designated amount of time to speak.

Breakout sessions

Real work is done in smaller groups. Webex lets you break out large meetings into as many as 100 smaller sessions, so everyone gets a chance to participate.​


Express yourself by choosing from various background colors, setting a photo/image for spaces, and choosing virtual backgrounds that show off your personality.​

Smart status

Webex automatically sets your status when you’re in a meeting, sharing your screen, or out of office so everyone knows your availability.​

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