RoomOS for Cisco Devices

Collaborate like never before.

Employees use Cisco Board Pro, Cisco Room Navigator, and RoomOS to collaborate in small conference room.
Webex on Cisco devices. Better together.
Supercharge collaboration with RoomOS.
Power hybrid work with RoomOS.

Experience exceptional video conferencing, intuitive controls, and intelligent features with RoomOS on Cisco devices.

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    Embrace inclusivity

    Built-in intelligent views and noise removal ensure everyone feels included in the meeting no matter where they’re working.

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    Optimize productivity

    From flexible hot desking to intuitive ideation tools and the ability to join any meeting, RoomOS provides everything employees need to collaborate effectively. 

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    Prioritize wellbeing

    Embedded environmental sensors improve workplace productivity and employee wellbeing. 

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    Improve manageability and security

    Ensure every interaction is secure, manage your fleet of devices, and get actionable insights into how to improve workspaces with Control Hub. 

  • Bring equitable views to every meeting.

    Embedded camera intelligence provides remote participants with the best view in any meeting, on any device.

    Unlock workplace flexibility.

    Make any space, your space

    Make hot desking feel like home and optimize real-estate by giving employees access to high-quality collaboration devices, whenever they need them.

    Speak the language of collaboration

    Ensure everyone is part of the conversation—no matter the language they speak or how they prefer to communicate with gestures, reactions, and translations.

    Meet with confidence

    Block out background noise and let everyone be heard loud and clear, no matter what environment they’re working in.

    Share every great idea

    Easily share content to Cisco devices with wireless sharing options, including Miracast, Airplay, or the Webex App.

    Hey IT, this OS is designed for you.
    Management, simplified

    Manage your devices and workspaces through Control Hub, from any location.

    Insights at your fingertips

    Turn data from embedded IoT sensors into actionable insights so you can create a workplace optimized for wellbeing and productivity.

    Security built-in, not bolted on

    Enterprise-grade security ensures every interaction holds up to the strictest security standards—all while delivering a great user experience.

    Apps you love, a touch away

    Built on an open platform, you can customize the experience for your organization with the apps you know and love. 

    New innovations delivered monthly

    With cloud deployments, the latest and greatest features are always available to your workforce.

    Reduce energy usage

    Save on your electricity bill by disabling digital signage and automatic device wake-up outside of normal operating hours with office hours for Cisco devices.

    Remote worker uses smartphone with Cisco Headset for work.
    Devices built for a more sustainable future.

    Cisco devices are designed with circularity in mind. Save energy, get insights into your CO2 emissions, and empower your workforce to make more sustainable decisions.

    Experience the power of RoomOS

    With embedded intelligence and easy customizations, collaboration is a breeze.

    Experience AI-driven collaboration
    Uplevel your device experience and crush your productivity goals with built-in AI across the Webex portfolio.
    Getting started guides
    Get the most out of your devices with insightful guides for both admins and end-users.
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