Control Hub for Cisco Devices

Device management, reimagined.

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Workspace Ranking

Introducing workspace ranking—an industry-first AI-based feature that displays which workspaces need urgent attention, and what you can do to restore their health. It's like having a wealth of know-how, instantly available.

One dashboard to manage everything, from anywhere.

Control Hub is your one-stop-shop for easy device management, analytics, and rich integrations.

Remotely access your devices

Deploy, manage, and troubleshoot your devices from anywhere by remotely accessing your Cisco Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms devices through Control Hub.

Cisco Control Hub dashboard showing overview of Cisco Board Pro 55.

Insights at your fingertips

Build a powerful partnership with HR and facilities to optimize workspaces and improve employee wellbeing with actionable analytics.

Integrations that power better experiences

Deliver amazing device experiences with customizable integrations and open APIs—all tailored to suit your company’s unique needs.

Control Hub Integration view with Webex.

Unlock new levels of insights with ThousandEyes.

Visualize the full media network path and easily identify and troubleshoot any problems with your calls and meetings with ThousandEyes integrated with Control Hub.

Employee uses Control Hub ThousandEyes integration on desktop monitor at workstation.
Your single portal to improve the experience for every employee.

Get real-time alerts

Get notifications and alerts whenever issues arise, so you can easily troubleshoot and keep your employees productive and devices up and running.

Easily find what you need

With advanced searching options you’ll find exactly what you need, when you need it.

Save time with custom device templates

Apply common settings and configurations to your devices—whether it’s for 1 device or 10,000 devices.

Take the mystery out of your workspaces.

Gain insights into your physical workspaces and what's happening in them.

Set your workspace up for success

Enable calendar booking, intuitive hot desking, or choose from other out-of-the-box and custom services to provide great experiences in every workspace.

Visualize your spaces

Discover a new way to visualize and monitor your workspaces, now including third-party peripherals. Ensure your workspaces are ready to go with actionable, real-time insights and predict and resolve issues before they arise.

Continually optimize your workspaces

Quickly understand environmental conditions, which rooms are occupied, and how many people are in each room by leveraging real-time data from smart sensors.

Screenshot of Cisco Control Hub highlighting UI extensions editor, macro editor, and developer API features.
Tailored to suit your needs.

Control Hub’s customizations, integrations, and open APIs allow you to deliver amazing device experiences—all tailored to your company’s unique needs. 

Reimagine your workspaces.

Explore a full range of workspaces and easily deployable blueprints to equip your spaces for incredible outcomes.

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Control Hub provides an easy-to-use, intuitive way to navigate and manage your collaboration services.
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Manage, control, and analyze your collaboration suite from anywhere for anyone in your organization with Control Hub for Webex.
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