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Webex Government Solutions

Collaborate with security you can trust.

Webex government solutions are designed for public sector organizations around the globe to securely stay connected through calling, meetings, and messaging—whether in the office, working remotely, or on the go.

Do exceptional work, anywhere.
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    Flexible on-prem and cloud calling plans

    Enterprise calling features and your work number with you wherever you go.

    Collaborate on the go and extend desktop capabilities with a mobile app. Switch from chat to a call, or from a voice call to video, with a single tap.

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    Connect your team before, during, and after meetings

    Use team spaces to cut down on your emails, chat 1:1 or with your whole team.

    Collaborate, share files, and never lose your content with persistent messaging and powerful search tools.

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    Innovative video conferencing that just works

    Video meetings with built-in security and compliance for inside and outside your organization.

    Meet from your desk, conference room, or mobile device instantly, and safely.

    Screen sharing, recordings, whiteboarding, and more make being remote more productive than ever.

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    Intelligent devices create incredible experiences

    Wirelessly pair and share directly from your laptop to Webex devices.

    Pull calls right from your mobile to your desk phone.

    Transform your experience at home or in the office with purpose-built Webex devices that bring high-definition video and crystal-clear audio.

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    A modern contact center for secure citizen engagement

    U.S. State and Federal governments can now deploy a comprehensive, customizable, and highly secure contact center.

    Webex Contact Center Enterprise for Government can support up to 36,000 concurrent agents, easily integrate with critical government applications, and is owned, managed, and operated by Cisco.

  • Transform your organization.
    Stay connected

    Communicate with everyone in your organization, across agencies and institutions, and with contractors. Press one button to connect one-to-one or one-to-thousands.

    Simple and secure

    As simple as the apps your kids use, but with enterprise-grade security. U.S. FedRAMP-authorized and DISA Impact Level 5 solutions are available.

    Calling, video, and voice

    Bring Cisco endpoints into your meeting rooms or onto your desk with high definition audio and video.

    Efficiency and productivity within apps

    Utilize Webex integrations with calendars, Microsoft Office, Google ECM, and many other government applications.

    Powerful management controls

    The Webex Control Hub gives IT admins security, visibility, and control—and can protect users even when collaborating outside of your organization.

    Extended security options

    Cisco offers extended security options including Cisco Cloudlock and Cisco Talos ClamAV anti-malware.

    Global and country specific compliance.

    Have confidence that government communications are authorized and compliant. Data residency keeps your private information within your country or region.

    The most advanced security.

    With extensive security and privacy for meetings, messaging, events, and file transfers, Webex government solutions protect user identities, content, applications, and devices on all fronts. Features include:

    • True end-to-end encryption for messaging and meetings
    • Commitment to data privacy including privacy data sheets, data maps, and master data protection agreements
    • Data loss prevention policies that follow users beyond company lines
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    One powerful and intuitive management tool.

    With powerful and easy-to-use management interfaces, Webex government solutions allow for flexible, secure, and inclusive collaboration experiences, and provide access to the most advanced insights and troubleshooting capabilities available. Agencies can take advantage of:

    • Simple, automated user onboarding
    • Individual device management and workspace optimization
    • Diagnostics and proactive alert capabilities
    • Enterprise health and readiness assessments
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    Devices that support your mission.

    Webex devices seamlessly integrate with Webex government solutions to enable highly collaborative and flexible hybrid work environments, while retaining the highest levels of security and privacy that government agencies demand. Government Devices are designed for:

    • Conference rooms with large screens and digital whiteboards
    • Desks with video devices, telephones, cameras, and headsets
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    Why Webex.

    At one point, we had 23,000 people listening simultaneously who sent us 1,900 questions during the course of the hour, and it went flawlessly as far as the technology.

    National Institutes of Health

    [With video] we're able to quickly turn emergency resources back into a service capacity so that they're ready for the next emergency.

    City of Houston- Emergency Services

    We've gone from not having the ability to share information real-time from a scene to being to share it immediately, the amount of time and money that has been saved has really been transformational.

    New Jersey Police

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