Introducing Legislate for Webex

A one-of-a-kind meetings solution, purpose-built for the needs of legislatures around the globe, at every level of government.

Made specifically for legislatures

  • Remote hearings and votes

    Vote and conduct hearings virtually or in a hybrid environment with specialized tools to replicate the in-person experience.

  • Include everyone

    Built-in features like live interpretation and closed captioning ensure everyone can participate.

  • Secure and adaptable

    Stay protected with secure participant verification and preserve tradition and process with customizations available out of the box.

Purpose-built capabilities

  • Complete voting functionality

    Easily setup, administer, and moderate votes securely. Setup a voting agenda ahead of the session and instantly analyze the results of the vote including breakdowns of votes by your customized parties or groups.

  • Session and timer management

    Built in tools to manage things like speaking timers, voting times, and other session details.

  • Video lobby and secure participant verification

    Never worry about intruders gaining access to critical votes. In-person lobby attendant verification is built in, and Cisco security tools like DUO MFA are available to further secure your service.

  • Preserve your tradition and process

    Configure organization names, users, groups, participant actions, colors, and more right from within the application to align with your traditions and norms.

  • Sidebar meeting rooms

    Jump from the main meeting room into a separate sidebar video meeting room to chat privately, easily re-join the main meeting room after your conversation is complete.

  • Participant actions “raise hand”

    Customizable actions let participants engage during an event. Moderators can track actions, like keeping a list of who raised their hand and in what order.

  • Multiple hosts

    Leverage multiple hosts to help moderate and control your session including control of speaking timers, mute/unmute, lobby entries and video controls.

  • Closed captions

    Required by law for many state legislatures, get accurate and reliable closed captioning for even the most complex domain specific sessions, like committee markups or hearings.

  • Live interpretation

    Participants can listen live in alternate languages during a session right from the application, in addition ASL video feeds can be overlaid directly on the application screen.

  • Roles

    Out of the box roles like digital clerks, legislators, administrative clerks, and interpreters. Roles are customizable to fit your needs.

Meet the moment with Legislate for Webex

  • Never miss a vote.
  • Experts for your hearing, on-demand.
  • Citizens can be heard during proceedings without requiring travel.
  • Inclusive and accessible with new technologies.
  • Instant legislative sessions, for decisive action.
  • Institutional traditions maintained, virtually.
  • Security and accuracy preserved.
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