Work has changed. Why hasn't the office? 
New research reveals how to turn the office from a mandate to a magnet.

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Return to Office
Welcome to the new office experience.
We're ready to return.
It's the office that isn't ready.

It’s time to rethink everything about the office—from the purpose it serves to the places people work and collaborate.


of employees feel positive about going back to the office. 


of office interactions now include remote participants.


of employees say meeting rooms are ineffective at enhacing productivity. 

Best Practices for Returning to the Office

Get tips for turning your office into the ultimate collaboration hub.

The blueprint for making hybrid work, work.

Creating AI-powered, people-first workspaces.

Voice and video-enable every space

Merge physical spaces with virtual experiences for great collaboration, no matter where people are working.

Create distance zero experiences

Make distance an advantage by bringing everyone together with AI-powered devices that deliver stunning camera views and flawless audio experiences.

Digitize workplace management

Track occupancy, device usage, environmental conditions, and the carbon footprint based on sensor-driven insights in Control Hub so you can continually optimize the office experience.

Reimagine your workspaces.

Explore a full range of workspaces and easily deployable blueprints to equip your spaces for incredible outcomes.

Hot desking without the headaches.

Find perfect focus in shared spaces with seamless desk reservation and personalized hot desking with the new Cisco Desk Phone 9800 Series, the Cisco Desk Series all-in-one collaboration displays and the power of Cisco Spaces.

Sitting at a desk in an open office, a professional wearing a headset video conferences with a colleague.
Empower inclusivity and productivity.

Welcome your team to a space built for getting things done together.

Focus and collaborate

Build spaces optimized for focus work and collaboration, equipped with the tech they need to make that happen.

Include everyone

Design meeting rooms so everyone’s seen and heard, whether they’re in the room or remote.

Remove distractions

Eliminate distractions in shared office spaces with devices that offer intelligent features like noise removal and virtual backgrounds.

Elevate the workplace with
intelligent data.

Ensure your workspaces are optimized to deliver the best experience. 

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    Scale workspaces without scaling IT

    Centralize management and troubleshooting, gain visibility into third-party devices, and remotely manage devices in Control Hub. 

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    Keep employees in the know

    Display digital signage on Cisco devices to provide real-time updates on the information that's valuable to them.

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    Optimize the office environment

    Empower IT and facilities to maintain the best work environment with single-pane-of-glass management and sensors providing real-time data on temperature, humidity, air quality, and more.

  • Digitize workplace experience and workspace management

    Cisco Devices

    Bring out the best of hybrid work with purpose-built collaboration hardware and unleash sensor-driven insights about room conditions, and device and workspace utilization.

    Control Hub

    Visualize and remotely manage your Cisco devices and third-party peripherals, benefit from rich analytics and integration APIs, and ensure workspace readiness.

    Cisco ThousandEyes

    Gain end-to-end network-level monitoring and observability at scale, with the ThousandEyes agent running on Cisco devices.

    Cisco Spaces

    Provide real-time, personalized experiences around space availability, reservation, readiness, and navigation while providing IT and Facilities with unique workspace insights.

    A workspace for every workstyle.

    There's a resounding demand for Cisco devices in as many spaces as possible. Cisco devices have now become so integral in terms of how we work, not only with each other, but also with our clients and how we share inspiration across the studios.

    Niklas Mortensen, Managing Director, Designit, Oslo

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    The goal is to make the experience for those who are remote as good or even better than being in person. We rigged the meeting rooms with Webex Room Kits from Cisco—and we got extremely good feedback on how these devices help include people from different countries and with different languages. We want to expand on that.

    Peter Jetzel, CEO, Rebel

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    Webex is a key part of creating a unifying culture across the business. This is about how we present as a business, to clients and to prospective recruits.

    Todd Finders, CIO, Clayco

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    Devices that bring hybrid workspaces to life.
    Cisco Desk. Screen shows time of 9:54 and apps like Webex, Google Meet, and Whiteboard.
    Cisco Room Navigator on wall. Screen shows time of 9:00, a green Book Now button, and notes "Room available until 10:00
    Cisco Room Bar
    Cisco Board Pro on wheels, shown from front. Screen displays time of 9:54 and apps like Webex, Call, and Whiteboard.
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