Webex Whiteboard

Unleash creativity with digital whiteboarding.

Bring teams together to co-create, annotate, ideate, and solve problems with an easy-to-use whiteboard.

People collaborate in real time with Webex whiteboarding, adding sticky notes, a flow chart, etc. to the digital whiteboard.

Intuitive whiteboarding on any device.

Brainstorm, ideate, and co-create with anyone, anywhere.

Create together in real time or pick up after the meeting with a limitless whiteboard that's always available.

Experience frictionless whiteboarding Quickly express, show, and capture ideas on a whiteboard that never runs out of space.
Ensure everyone’s included Bring everyone together for an equally rich collaboration experience, regardless of location or devices.
Keep your ideas secure Secure by design, private by default, Webex defends against threats no matter where you’re working.

Digital whiteboarding, reimagined.

Ideation, annotation, and co-creation for the entire team, made simple.