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Powered by Cisco Insider, this is the place for Webex customers to expand their networks, learn alongside top experts in their field, and share feedback that fuels change.

Advocate with Webex and elevate your global profile 

Former names:  

Webex Ambassadors  


What to expect:   
Join a loyalty and rewards program for Webex customers to earn points for completing activities of their choice and redeem exclusive rewards


What you’ll gain:   
Elevate your professional profile and get recognized as a Webex expert, thought leader, and influencer

Accelerate your strategic planning​ 

Former names:   

Webex Experts  


What to expect:   

Engage with product teams and share best practices around Cisco technologies in private community forums  


What you’ll gain:

Direct access to product owners, roadmap sessions, and technical briefings 

Shape the products and experiences you need

What to expect:   

Participate in research opportunities that are most important to your role, the products you own, and your business  


What you’ll gain:   

Influence the processes, experiences, and products we build 


Find answers to commonly asked questions so you can connect with the programs that matter you to most

Is the Webex Insider program part of the Cisco Insider Program?

Yes it is! The Webex Insider program is powered by Cisco Insider. Click here to learn more about the Cisco Insider program.

Do I need to register again if I am already part of the Cisco Insider Program?

For the Webex Advocacy and User Group programs you will not need to register again. For joining User Research please complete this brief registration form.

What is the Webex Insider Advocates program?

The Webex Insider Advocates program was formerly known as the Webex Ambassadors program. We have rebranded and relaunched this program as a loyalty and rewards program for Webex customers to earn points for completing activities of their choice (share social posts, complete trainings & certifications, participate in case studies, user research, etc.) and redeem exclusive rewards. We’ve partnered with Influitive to host the program on this platform, which you may be familiar with if you’re a Cisco Insider Advocate too. Join the program here.

What are the perks of being a Webex Insider Advocate?

There are intangible and tangible benefits to being a Webex Insider Advocate. You'll have a one stop shop central location to get the latest and greatest Webex news such as a new product release and upcoming events. You'll also have the opportunity to connect with your peers in the industry to share your knowledge and learn from them. You can also cash in points for exclusive rewards available only to members like you.

Does the Webex Ambassadors program still exist?

The Webex Ambassadors program has folded into the Webex Insider Advocates program. Prior Webex Ambassadors have automatically been added to the Webex Insider Advocates program if they are still a current Webex customer. The Webex Insider Advocate program can be accessed here.

I was in the process of taking the Webex Ambassador courses on GoLearn, how will I earn my badge(s)?

Webex Ambassador courses on Webex Academy (formerly GoLearn) have been retired and we've launched the Webex Insider Advocates program to replace it. The new program includes fun challenges and opportunities to earn points that can be used to redeem rewards. Join the Webex Insider Advocates program here.

Can I invite my colleagues to join Webex Insider Advocates?

Yes! We welcome all Webex customers to join the Webex Insider Advocates program. Our only requirements are that they be a current customer, are using Webex as an IT admin, and are advocates for Webex. Invite your colleagues to join the program here.

What is the Webex Insider User Group program and why should I join?

The Webex Insider User Group enables you to engage with your peers plus Webex product teams, engineering teams and marketing teams to learn best practices and share real-life experiences using Webex solutions.

 By joining the program, you’ll gain:

  • Direct access to product owners, subject matter experts and technical briefings
  • An opportunity to provide product feedback
  • Curated content and insight into the product roadmap
  • The ability to share your experiences and learn from your peers in an open forum
Does the Webex Experts program still exist?

The Webex Experts program has folded into the Webex Insider User Group program. The Webex Insider User Group program can be accessed here.

If I was already a Webex Expert do I need to re-enroll?

No. Now that we are part of the Cisco Insider program your access will be maintained.

What is the Webex Insider User Research?

Webex Insider User Research is a program through which you can actively participate in shaping the design and development of Webex products. Join our panel of collaboration users, partners, admins, and developers to directly influence our product direction.

What do I get from the program? Why should I join?

By joining you will be added to our close contact list of forward thinkers and trailblazers.  As a member, you'll have opportunities to participate in user studies, provide your feedback for launched products you already use, others that are still just a concept. You will get to share your wishes and ideas, as well as get an early glimpse into what we are working on and what is coming next for Webex! 

What will be required from me? How often am I going to hear from you?

Opting in to join our panel is easy and voluntary (this survey will take ~2 minutes). Your contact details and product-interests will be used for Product / Research purposes only. We won't overwhelm your inbox: depending on our product roadmap and your interests and usage, you will be contacted up to 2-3 times per calendar year regarding participation in Cisco Webex Research. This includes invitations to participate in user studies, surveys, or opportunities to provide feedback. If you are not interested – you can ignore, ask to postpone, or withdraw from the program at any time simply by replying to our email.

What products are you covering? How can I participate only in studies and activities that are relevant and interesting to me?

Our Webex Insider Research Program expands and stretches to cover anything Webex and collaboration: From AI/VR, meeting and messaging experiences and integrations, Contact Center, Control Hub and partner Hub, Calling, and everything in between (think: Migration to cloud! Interoperability! Devices and Smart Spaces experiences!). 

Tell us what you are curious or passionate about with Webex when you join or update your choices later.

More Questions?

Contact us at webexuxr@cisco.com.