Cisco Devices for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Elevate your Microsoft Teams Rooms with Cisco devices.

The Teams video conferencing you know, powered by intelligent collaboration devices you’ll love.

Live from ISE 2024: Cisco Collaborates with Microsoft and Samsung to Deliver Superior Meeting Room Experiences
Start your journey with Cisco devices for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Supercharge your Microsoft Teams conference room.

Get the native Teams experience on certified room and desk devices from Cisco that bring augmented camera and audio intelligence, intuitive controls, and seamless device management to any workspace.

Your Teams meetings on devices designed for hybrid work.

Bring powerful video conferencing and virtual collaboration to your Microsoft Teams meeting rooms, from the personal desk to the auditorium.

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    Boost your Teams video conference with high-quality video, crisp sound, and touch-enabled ideation in the personal office, hot desks, and focus rooms.

    Cisco Desk Pro Cisco Desk Camera 4K Cisco Headset 720 Cisco Headset 320
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    Huddle & ideation space

    Make it easy for small groups to come together to share information, brainstorm, and solve problems while staying connected with remote participants.

    Cisco Room Bar Cisco Board Pro G2
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    Meeting room

    Connect, share ideas, and drive work forward while ensuring that everyone has an equal seat at the table in your meetings.

    Cisco Room Bar Cisco Room Bar Pro Cisco Board Pro G2
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    Large workspace

    Turn your large workspaces into powerful Microsoft Teams rooms powered by intelligent, high-quality video conferencing devices.

    Cisco Room Kit EQ Cisco Room Kit EQX Cisco Room Kit Pro
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    Book and find your meetings easily, optimize space utilization, and elevate the workplace journey with an intelligent scheduling display.

    Cisco Room Navigator for Wall
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    At home & on the go

    Enjoy distraction-free, premium hybrid work experiences when collaborating from home or on the go.

    Bang & Olufsen Cisco 950 Cisco Headset 720
  • Get your Teams certified headsets and webcams.

    Browse from a variety of Microsoft Teams-certified USB webcams, headsets, and hybrid work accessories.

    Team Rooms
    Team Rooms
    Your Teams Rooms, without barriers.

    Enjoy the ultimate Microsoft Teams Rooms experience with intelligent devices powered by RoomOS and augmented with advanced cloud device management.

    Enjoy cinematic camera views

    A perfect combination of single and multi-camera technology with AI-enhanced image processing lets you enable multi-participant framing, prioritize the active speaker, dynamically track the presenter, or feature a wide-angle view of everyone around the table.

    No distractions, just productive meetings

    Set up virtual meeting zones to only capture and frame in-room participants, block out distracting background noises, and leverage an AI director to automatically switch to the best camera angle.

    Simple content share and BYOD

    Deliver vibrant presentations using a wide range of wireless and wired content sharing options and get seamless BYOD video meetings via USB passthrough.

    Give everyone a front-row seat

    Enable ultra-immersive room conferencing by combining the power of Cisco video bars and room kits with standard monitors and ultrawide, 21:9 screens to bring the signature Microsoft Front Row experience to life.

    Intuitive controls at your fingertips

    Join the next meeting with a single touch and get instant access to intelligent features and smart controls in or out of calls.  Adjust camera and audio settings, enable AI noise removal, and control room peripherals with a single swipe.

    Customize your room experience

    Display custom signage when your devices are idle, add control panel UI extensions, and enable API-based macros to automatically control your room peripherals and customize your meeting room workflows.

    Optimize your workspaces

    Track environmental conditions and occupancy in real time and analyze trends via smart integrated sensors to create a safer and more productive workplace while improving employee wellbeing.

    Get unrivalled interoperability

    Enjoy seamless multi-platform video conferencing with the option to instantly join or host full-featured Webex Meetings, join ad-hoc Zoom meetings, and dial any SIP address directly from Microsoft Teams Rooms—without any reboot required by IT.

    Simplified deployment

    Easy to deploy, scale, and maintain. The simplified architecture of Cisco device deployments means you get everything you need to take your meeting space to the next level—without overly complex installations and systems integration.

    Manage your devices and peripherals

    Get a streamlined cloud admin experience with advanced visualization and remote monitoring of your Cisco devices and third-party room peripherals, device alerts and bulk configurations, alongside rich workspace insights in Control Hub—augmenting Teams Admin Center.

    End-to-end device troubleshooting

    Allow your IT team to rapidly identify and proactively resolve issues with meetings at scale by visualizing the full network path in Control Hub, powered by deep integration with Cisco ThousandEyes.

    Powerful workspace integrations

    Gain access to a powerful set of cloud device and service APIs to reimagine the workplace experience by connecting with Cisco Spaces and other workspace management solutions.

    Unlock the best Teams Rooms experience for hybrid work.

    Simplify the deployment of immersive video conferencing that blend into your workspace environment—with native Microsoft Teams meetings at your desk, in everyday meeting rooms, and across flagship spaces powering a seamless front row experience.

    Cisco RoomOS

    Designed for hybrid work.

    Gain the flexibility to run Cisco Rooms or Microsoft Teams Rooms on RoomOS, the core operating system purpose-built to deliver intuitive workflows, advanced interoperability, and robust security while continuously improving your experience.

    Powering a multi-platform world.

    With Cisco as the base solution, users have the flexibility to use the system of their choice," Peter explained. “Still, you have Cisco running through the entire implementation, which makes it very valuable.

    Peter Ariens, Client Manager at Axians

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    Cisco devices and Webex in particular, are an amazing solution to meet our members right where they are... We've installed Cisco Room Bars and we've retrofitted them into our meeting rooms. They are super easy to install and the interface is so easy and intuitive.



    Ed Casey, Director, Unified Communications & Collaboration, WeWork

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    Our clients work with every possible platform so we have to work with every possible platform as well. We’ve used Webex devices with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex.

     Niklas Mortensen, Managing Director, Designit

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    Reimagine your workspaces.

    Explore a full range of workspaces and easily deployable blueprints to equip your spaces for incredible outcomes.

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