Digital Whiteboards

Your canvas for teamwork.

Bring everyone together to meet, annotate, ideate, and problem-solve with integrated video and digital whiteboarding devices.

Desk Mini

Take collaboration with you to any space.


A collaboration workstation for every desk.

Desk Pro

The all-in-one desk device for hybrid work.

Board Pro 55 G2

Reimagine teamwork for smaller spaces.

Board Pro 75 G2

Your 75-inch canvas for limitless digital co-creation.

Brainstorm, ideate, and co-create with anyone, anywhere.

Create together in real time or pick up after the meeting with the native Webex Whiteboard or other third-party, cloud-based ideation tools.

Reimagine your workspaces.

Explore a full range of workspaces and easily deployable blueprints to equip your spaces for incredible outcomes.

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