Miro & Webex. Better visual collaboration.

Empower your hybrid team with Miro's versatile online whiteboards, integrated right inside Webex Meetings and Messaging.

Keep creativity flowing.

Create, collaborate, and innovate together, no matter where you're working.

Brainstorm during meetings

Bring the power of Miro's digital whiteboards into Webex meetings to brainstorm ideas, take notes, and visualize concepts with your team in real time.

A screen showing four colleagues collaborating on a Miro board during a Webex meeting.

Work asynchronously

Keep the conversation going beyond the meeting. Access all your Miro boards and work on your own time, without ever leaving the Webex space.

Screen showing a team brainstorming on a Miro board within a Webex space. The board features sticky notes and a mind map.
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