Glu Group

Accelerating business transformation beyond borders.

Glu Group embraces flexibility of Webex Meetings in transition to online training and collaboration, while delivering new and expanded training opportunities.

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Glu Group, an ISV and end-to-end channel services provider.

Glu Group works with IT vendors, partners, and customers. Leveraging Webex Meetings, Glu Group provides training courses to Cisco partners across Europe, helping them reach Cisco certification as a customer experience partner.

An award-winning provider Glu Group is an award-winning end-to-end channel services provider that bridges the gap between vendors, distributors, partners, and customers.
Based in the United Kingdom Based in southern England, Glu Group is a privately-owned business doing business across Europe.
Extensive experience Glu Group can help organizations scale, understand their objectives and outcomes, increase both revenue and profitability, and bring an excellent customer experience that delivers real value.

Reimagine industry training.

More trainings, reaching more people, in more locations and languages, more efficiently with Webex.

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Europe in a day Offer multiple trainings daily regardless of location.
Simplifying events Engage up to 75 participants without managing event logistics.
Save up to €250,000 Conduct trainings without extensive travel.
Transform recruitment Expand talent pool beyond those available for business travel.

Transforming training and collaboration.

When remote communication and collaboration turned into a business essential almost overnight, Glu Group needed to maintain quality service consistent with its strong reputation.

  • Maintaining client and partner collaboration remotely

    Glu Group built much of its reputation through face-to-face contact with clients, suppliers, and partners. Training and certification processes were also all carried out in person. When this type of contact was ruled out by global travel restrictions, Glu Group needed to rethink its approach to service delivery.
  • Building Europe-wide engagement without travel

    Glu Group teams would travel all around Europe to conduct half-day sessions onsite with individual partners. As the leading IT brands seek to strengthen expertise of local partners, the sessions have become a valuable competitive differentiator required for certification status.
  • Finding new ways to break down language barriers

    Glu Group needed to enable productive online meetings with non-English-speaking participants. As the meetings grew in size, this requirement began to encompass more languages and the need evolved for translations between English and multiple languages.