Mesh Community

Turning coworking spaces into collaboration hubs.

With Webex, Mesh Community transforms coworking spaces into popular hubs for the startup and tech communities to innovate, network, and collaborate.

Mesh Community's transformation at a glance.

Mesh Community leverages Webex to create incredible collaboration experiences for its diverse, growing clientele in the entrepreneurial community.


Design flexible workspaces that meet the needs of everyone, from startups and growing businesses to remote workers at large companies.


Build each Mesh Community location around a suite of Cisco devices, offering seamless interoperability and elevated collaboration experiences.


Created vibrant, flexible workspaces that are compatible with the various devices and collaboration tools Mesh Community’s members already use.

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Mesh Community wanted to establish flexible workspaces where everyone could network and innovate—startups, entrepreneurs, growing businesses, and remote workers from large companies.

Meeting a range of needs
Mesh Community hubs deliver an array of services to a broad cross-section of users. Needs range from quiet individual communication booths or small offices to larger, flexible communal areas such as bars and coffee shops. Mesh Community wanted a suite of technology solutions that would fit seamlessly into all these environments.

Sophistication and simplicity
Mesh Community hubs needed sophisticated communication and collaboration technology that is also simple and adaptable for users. Mesh Community couldn’t afford to limit itself to a single platform. It required a solution that would work well independently and with other devices and software.

Solutions & Results

With Webex, Mesh Community was able to build dynamic collaboration spaces with the flexibility and interoperability needed by their diverse community.

Smart hybrid work experiences powered by  Cisco Devices

Each Mesh Community location is now built around a suite of Cisco collaboration devices that allow people to immediately start co-creating and innovating. For example, the Mesh team has equipped small focus rooms with the Cisco Desk Pro, which gives Mesh members a seamless plug-and-play desktop experience with premium video and visual collaboration. Mesh Community is also piloting the hot desking experience available on Cisco Desk Series devices. This feature can prove valuable in a third space like Mesh Community where it allows visitors to use a device as they would their own.

To further foster in-person and hybrid collaboration, Mesh Community also offers various Cisco Boards for video meetings, digital whiteboarding, and ideation. Additionally, they recently piloted the new Cisco Board Pro, which provides even more flexibility and room intelligence via easy USB-C passthrough, video interoperability, seamless deployment, and enhanced video and audio quality.


Enabling collaboration on any platform at Mesh Community
Cisco Devices provide the flexibility to easily connect to other meeting and collaboration platforms via seamless integrations. For example, Mesh Community has deployed a variety of Cisco Room Kit endpoints across their workspaces. These include integrated video bars paired with external flat displays that enable the community to easily join any meeting platform—Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, or Google Meet—in small- and medium-sized rooms.


In addition, all-in-one, single and dual-screen integrated Cisco Room Series and Kits give members an excellent video conferencing experience in any size meeting room. Dual-screen models in particular have proven to be a key enabler of immersive video collaboration, displaying live video and shared content on separate screens to support a truly hybrid work experience.


Hosting vibrant hybrid events
Beyond that, advanced collaboration kits, such as the Cisco Room Kit Pro, support video collaboration in their larger spaces, training rooms, and briefing rooms. Using a three-screen setup in the event space with a wide-field-of-view camera that captures the audience and a separate Precision 60 pan-tilt-zoom camera that provides intelligent views of the presenter, each Mesh Community hub can host in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.

Next-generation collaboration for all
Mesh Community plans to continue adopting the latest Webex technology as it becomes available. This is a major reason people are drawn to Mesh Community as it allows startups and smaller businesses to access and adopt sophisticated collaboration tools that are often only available in larger companies.



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Webex delivers quality and credibility.

We always knew that advanced video conferencing would be a major requirement. We wanted to make it clear to members that our facilities would be world-class. Webex brings that credibility.

Mats Mathisen, Head of Service Design & Community, Mesh Community

Cisco Devices provide a quality experience. They enable users to easily connect to people on other meeting platforms.

Mats Mathisen, Head of Service Design & Community, Mesh Community

This is more than video conferencing. These are hugely important moments in the life of a startup. Webex ensures this is a seamless, high-quality experience.

Mats Mathisen, Head of Service Design & Community, Mesh Community

We started by fostering a culture where people help each other and ‘pay it forward.’ That includes a physical space and also a digital space. We want to break down barriers to a level of simplicity, and Webex helps us do that.

Mats Mathisen, Head of Service Design & Community, Mesh Community

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