A T-Mobile employee sits in a conference room, engaging in a Webex Meeting with colleagues.
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T-Mobile is bringing 5G access to everyone, with the help of Webex.

T-Mobile employees collaborate in a meeting and whiteboard their ideas with the help of Webex.

A unified collaboration experience for hybrid teams at T-Mobile

T-Mobile traded their patchwork of devices and software for a unfied collaboration suite from Webex, providing employees with an intuitive, engaging experience-regardless of where they’re working.

Answering the call for incredible customer experiences.

T-Mobile leverages Webex to improve collaboration and deliver incredible customer experiences, while securing their spot as one of America’s leading wireless providers with 104.8 million customers.


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  • Contact Center

The Business Challenge

Intuitive collaboration and incredible customer service.

T-Mobile knows that delivering incredible customer service is critical for growing and retaining their customer base. They needed next-generation collaboration and contact center solutions that would enable them to stay at the top of their game.

  • Delivering exceptional customer experiences

    Just as T-Mobile customers expect their mobile calls to be flawless, they also expect amazing experiences when they contact T-Mobile customer service. However, difficulty managing customer support across multiple channels and struggles with inconsistent call routing made it challenging for the T-Mobile team to deliver on this promise. With the shift to remote work, T-Mobile customer support agents faced even more challenges.

  • Bringing a hybrid team together to do great work

    In customer support and beyond, T-Mobile's large, geographically dispersed team needed to easily collaborate anytime, anywhere. And, with their merger with Sprint, they had many new colleagues to onboard and connect with, making seamless communication difficult, but all the more essential.

  • Achieving maximum productivity with a reliable collaboration solution

    T-Mobile’s collaboration experience was anything but seamless. The hybrid team regularly spent 5-15 minutes each meeting just getting connected, navigating a complex web of cameras, speakers, screens, projectors, and phones from various vendors. They wanted an efficient, integrated system that they could easily manage.

The Solution

Supercharging connection, delighting customers.

Webex gave T-Mobile a single, intelligent solution to collaborate and stay connected with their customers.

  • A unified collaboration experience for hybrid teams

    One collaboration suite, purpose-built for hybrid work
    With Webex, T-Mobile now has one easy-to-use app to call, meet, message, and get work done.

    Integrated collaboration devices
    The T-Mobile team replaced their patchwork of collaboration devices in their conference rooms with Webex devices which provided a high-quality, integrated collaboration experience so meetings started faster and everyone could easily participate.

    Modern, intuitive meeting experiences
    Instead of struggling with tech for 5-15 minutes every meeting, T-Mobile employees now easily get connected in seconds.

    Inclusive real-time collaboration
    All employees can participate equally and make their voice heard with robust video conferencing features like reaction emojis, interactive polling, and immersive screen sharing.

  • Delightful customer service with a next-generation cloud contact center

    Intelligent contact center platform
    With Webex Contact Center, T-Mobile gained access to an intelligent contact center platform that helped them deliver amazing customer experiences.

    Equipping a remote workforce
    T-Mobile rapidly moved 12,000 agents to fully remote work and enabled them to continue collaborating safely while helping customers during a time of great uncertainty.

    Improved call routing for streamlined customer experiences
    T-Mobile fine-tuned call routing to make sure each customer was efficiently connected with the right agent.

    Increased efficiency boosts customer satisfaction
    Webex also allowed T-Mobile to pair customers with agents based on availability, rather than geography. The result? Increased efficiency and a significant boost in customer satisfaction.

    Decreased agent attrition
    After moving to Webex, T-Mobile also saw agent attrition drop from 42% to 22%.

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