Webex Classrooms

A simple, secure hybrid classroom experience.

Teacher interacting with students on Webex Classrooms
Students engaging with the Webex Classrooms hybrid learning platform

Hybrid learning is here to stay.

Student at home learning remotely over video

Empowered educators. Engaged students.

Manage all classes in one secure place Create terms, courses, and host classes in a few clicks. Have students notified automatically.
Unlock instructor productivity Automate classroom management tasks like attendance taking, sharing of class recordings, and more.
Ensure students never miss a class Keep students on track with a personalized calendar and one-click class joining.

Plus, more features you can count on.

  • Quick set up & course creation
  • Bulk student & user import
  • Secure sign in with Webex & SSO
  • Role-based access control

Your common questions, answered.

  • Who is Webex Classrooms for?

    Webex Classrooms is designed for K12 and higher ed institutions, specifically supporting administrators, instructors, and students with hybrid teaching and learning needs.
    • Administrators: Can set up remote and hybrid learning for their institution easily, without any additional training for students and instructors.
    • Instructors: Save time with easy class scheduling and hosting, automated student attendance, and office hours scheduling.
    • Students: Get a secure and easy to use place to join classes, access class recordings, and schedule time with their instructors.
  • What are the pre-requisites to use Classrooms?

    Webex Classrooms is available to new and existing Webex Education customers. To use Classrooms, customers must have:
    1. Full Webex License. Only a Full Webex Administrator can claim the Webex Classrooms site for their institution.
    2. All users (including students) will require an email address. Users will need to sign in using their Webex credentials. Account auto-provisioning should also be enabled within Webex settings.
    3. Ensure instructor accounts have Account Type: Host enabled for Webex Meetings Suite. Students who do not need to host meetings in classrooms may have Host or Attendee permissions.
    4. Allow the following URL domain names for Webex Meetings settings inside the Control Hub: webex.com, lti.educonnector.io
  • How is Classrooms priced?

    Webex Classrooms is available at no additional cost to Webex Education customers.
  • Can Classrooms replace a Learning Management System (LMS)?

    Webex Classrooms provides a simple and secure interface to schedule, start and join hybrid and distance learning classes; as well as provide continuous classroom collaboration abilities that augments the capabilities offered by traditional LMS platforms. Webex Classrooms can be used on its own or as a complement to a traditional LMS. Webex Classrooms will not replace LMS capabilities.
  • Can Classrooms be integrated with an existing LMS?

    No, Webex Classrooms cannot be integrated with an LMS. If your institution is looking to integrate Webex with your existing LMS, see the Webex Education Connector.

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