Power hybrid work, sustainably.

We are committed to our own net zero journey. And yours, too. 

Carbon Emissions Insights

A first of its kind in the collaboration industry, the Carbon Emissions Insights widget in Control Hub will allow companies to see estimated carbon emissions of Cisco devices and their usage.*

Monitor emissions  Estimate energy usage and related carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions from Cisco collaboration devices.
Track trends See emission trends over time, and track the progress towards your sustainability goals.
Take action Guide IT administrators to enable features like office hours to reduce their Cisco devices energy usage.

*The Carbon Emissions Insights in Control Hub is under development and is subject to change.

Collaborate on a more sustainable future.

  • Smart power modes

    With each product iteration, our goal is to design our devices to consume less energy.
  • Actionable insights through Control Hub

    Get insights into real-time device usage, allowing you to optimize your buildings and workspaces.
  • Reduce travel-related emissions

    Experience virtual meetings on Cisco devices that rival in-person interactions.
  • Free product takebacks and recycling

    Cisco is dedicated to recycling, reusing, or refurbishing returned hardware with 99.9% efficiency.

Learn more about our efforts for net zero emissions.

What is the circular economy?

See how Cisco is moving towards a circular economy that better cares for our limited natural resources.

Cisco targets net zero by 2040

Cisco is committed to reaching net zero across their value chain by 2040.

Reducing the usage of plastic

Cisco is setting even higher targets towards reducing plastic in products and packaging.

Cisco Refresh

Get fully remanufactured Cisco collaboration devices for significant savings – both monetary and environmental.