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Insight Global powers recruitment operations with the Webex Suite.

Why Insight Global, an international staffing firm, relies on the Webex Suite for its internal and external communications.

Driving recruitment forward amid unprecedented workforce changes.

Insight Global utilizes cloud communication technologies to reimagine its global recruitment processes.


Given that communication is business-critical for staffing companies, the global health crisis forced Insight Global to pivot. 


The team deployed the Webex Suite to facilitate smooth client calls, engaging internal meetings, and seamless prospect interviews.


Insight Global successfully adopted a new era of recruiting—one that’s optimized via cloud communication technologies. 

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Enhancing hybrid collaboration: Insight Global’s journey with Webex

Insight Global, a prominent international staffing firm, has been serving Fortune 1000 clients for over 22 years. Speaking on the firm’s impact, Chris Cavendish, Collaboration Lead at Insight Global, highlighted that in 2022, Insight Global “placed over 50,000 candidates into staffing roles.” 


Given the company's global prominence and the nature of the recruitment industry, the global health crisis forced Insight Global to quickly adapt. As Cavendish explained, “Being a staffing firm, most of our interactions are face-to-face...and when the pandemic hit, that really broke our ability to do that.” 


Implementing a robust, flexible solution to facilitate remote collaboration and maintain client relationships was imperative for Insight Global to continue driving streamlined and effective collaboration.


Enhancing operations amid global workforce changes

In response to the global health crisis, Insight Global turned to Webex. The integration of the Webex Suite enabled the company to pivot and manage its global communications efforts under one roof.


“We had to pivot and find a way to where we can turn that challenge still into something that would become successful. And Webex and [their] collaboration tools gave us that opportunity,” Cavendish said.


Cavendish went on to discuss the advantages of utilizing the Webex Suite. He pointed out how having the entire Webex collaboration suite in one unified app has simplified and streamlined Insight Global’s operations, providing them with easy access to various collaboration workloads. Two Webex solutions that Insight Global adopted and continue to utilize include:


Webex Calling: Insight Global leverages Webex Calling for its external calls, allowing its team members to maintain a consistent and professional line of communication with clients and partners. Webex Calling has been pivotal in maintaining seamless communication across Insight Global. “We were utilizing Webex Calling because it gave us the opportunity to be remote, but still utilize our same telephone numbers, and it didn't create a problem to where any of our employees even had to notice any changes,” said Cavendish. 


Webex Meetings: Webex Meetings offers collaborative benefits for both internal coordination and connecting with clients alike: “To continue to stay connected, we used Webex Meetings, internally, for our daily standup meeting—that way, we could stay connected, as employees, to make sure that we were meeting our deadlines.”


Furthermore, Webex Meetings offers intuitive and secure video conferencing, screen sharing, and real-time collaboration tools, enabling efficient communication and remote teamwork.



Optimizing the client and candidate experience with cloud technologies

For Insight Global, Webex streamlined its internal processes and  enhanced the experience of its clients and candidates. Cavendish highlighted Webex’s role in facilitating remote customer and client engagement: “We incorporated Webex to overcome that challenge simply by using the tools to be face-to-face still—even though it was remote—but we had the opportunity to answer questions in real-time and we didn't have to travel and put our clients or employees at risk.”


This adaptation meant that Insight Global could continue its personal, face-to-face interactions, albeit virtually, ensuring that its high standards of client and candidate engagement were maintained. The ability to conduct interviews, client meetings, and internal coordination sessions remotely without compromising on quality was, and continues to be, business-critical. 


A new era of cloud-based communications technologies

Webex has helped Insight Global reimagine a new way of working. With Webex’s help, Cavendish said, “We’re transitioning all of our current offices into the cloud—to where we don’t have physical phones anymore.”


Leveraging Webex’s cloud solutions means that Insight Global employees can work flexibly—and leverage all communications tools within the Webex Suite—from anywhere, thus reducing the need for traditional office setups.


Reflecting on the partnership with Webex more generally, Cavendish continued by saying, “The ROI with Webex for Insight Global so far has been fantastic and we look forward to the future and what AI can do for us in helping us be able to reach our customers more effectively.”


Insight Global is also actively exploring the integration of AI with Webex.


AI will open new doors for automation, enhanced data analytics, and ultimately streamlined operations—helping to inform how Insight Global manages client interactions and optimizes its staffing solutions. 


Insight Global's integration of Slido and Webex Events

Insight Global has also tapped into the broader Webex Suite with Slido and Webex Events. The integration of Slido and Webex Events into Insight Global's operations has facilitated a strategic enhancement of its virtual event and meeting capabilities. As highlighted by Cavendish, this implementation aims  to augment training sessions with interactive elements—such as live polling and Q&As—and thereby foster increased participation and engagement. This approach not only aids in the effective management of large-scale virtual gatherings but also enriches the overall experience for participants.


Webex makes integrating with third-party software easy. Through Webex’s Slido integration, Insight Global can efficiently incorporate Slido’s interactive tools into its meetings and events, enhancing user engagement with minimal technical complexity.


Enhance organizational communication with Webex

With Webex Suite, Insight Global has enhanced internal and external communication, improved collaboration efficiency, and managed operations more effectively—embracing a new era of cloud-based technology. 


“Webex has been fantastic. I've been very engaged in continuing to learn and really wanting to be engaged in what the future has for Webex. And, I've been very involved in the beta channels and seeing what's next. Webex has provided me [with] a path to continue learning. And a path to continue engaging and to continue improving our business,” Cavendish said.


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An all-in-one communications solution

Webex Suite drives effortless and engaging collaboration. 

End-to-end collaboration tools in one place. 

Insight Global stays ahead of the remote work curve with the Webex Suite. 

Keep internal teams engaged 

Leverage interactive features to enhance collaboration and strengthen bonds among remote teams. 

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Flexible and scalable

As Insight Global continues to grow, Webex’s unified collaboration solutions cater to its increasing scale.

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Leverage AI

Insight Global is looking forward to the possibility of leveraging integrated AI insights and tools to enhance meeting quality and inform decision-making.

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Webex Suite

Enhanced collaboration with Webex.

The benefits of having Webex Suite for us at Insight Global is it's very easy for us to be able to find anything we need. It's all in one spot. And we don't have to search everywhere to find the solution we need.

Chris Cavendish, Collaboration Lead, Insight Global

Webex has provided me a path to continue learning, and a path to continue engaging and to continue improving our business.

Chris Cavendish, Collaboration Lead, Insight Global

The financial benefits of Webex calling has been fantastic. Where we used to have phones on every single desk, now we're able to utilize Webex Calling in every office on mobile and laptops.

Chris Cavendish, Collaboration Lead, Insight Global

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