DECT 6800 Series
Go further and stay connected with DECT phones.
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    Enterprise grade calling over DECT

    Enjoy the flexibility to move around the workplace while staying connected with calling over a DECT network for secure and reliable communication.

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    Reliability and security

    Get unparalleled security with call encryption, device authentication, and security features that protect your system from hacking. All on a secure, closed system that won’t suffer interference from neighboring Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi access points.

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    Flexible deployments

    Choose your setup with single or multi-cell base stations that can be deployed for small areas that require fewer connections or larger areas with support for up to 254 base stations.

  • 17 hrs
    of talk time
    dust resistant
    160 ft.
    base station range
    push to talk
    What is DECT?

    Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) is a wireless communication standard in cordless phone systems. 

    Fixed base station acts as a bridge.
    Mobile, cordless device that pairs with the base station.
    Creates range, security, and reliable connectivity.

    Customizable range

    With the range, security, and mobility of DECT audio, users can make and receive calls while moving around with the same audio quality as a desk phone and with both wideband and narrowband codec support. With scalable components, users can extend range and capacity for up to 1,000 registrations and 2,000 calls in a multi-cell environment.

    Features to maximize your investment.
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    Multicast paging

    Get easy-to-use intercom and paging features that can communicate across multiple phone types when you use a DECT phone and a Cisco desk phone with multicast paging.

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    Coverage and charger warnings

    Never lose a device or your connection with the option to setup notifications for when a device is low on battery or losing coverage on your DECT network.

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    Visibility into handsets

    Stay informed on the condition of your DECT network with the ability to remotely view the status of handsets including battery, power levels, firmware version, and more.

  • One dashboard to manage all.

    Simplified device management.


    View inventory and active devices on your network.


    Remotely configure, update firmware, and troubleshoot from anywhere.


    Get adoption and usage analytics to quantify your investment and optimize deployments.

    Quick resources.

    Data sheets and literature

    * As this offer is highly customized to specific end user requirements, pricing is provided upon request. Actual price will vary by specific offer model/configuration and the country/region.

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