Webex Expert on Demand

Deliver the power of hands-free collaboration to the frontline.

Equip your frontline workers for smarter, safer hybrid work.

Transform your remote collaboration with augmented reality.

Webex Expert on Demand gives frontline workers safe and reliable access to the right experts instantly, from even the farthest edge of your business.

Critical incident response

Respond to and resolve critical incidents quickly.

On-the-job training

Deliver standardized, live on-the-job training to your company's most far-flung postings.

Day-to-day operations

Stay on top of day-to-day operations, remotely and securely.

A modern collaboration experience for the frontline.

Connect and solve problems in real time with Expert on Demand's assisted reality technology.

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    Instantly connect with remote experts

    Enjoy instant contact with remote experts, right when you need it most, with full access to recent contacts, your company directory, and a familiar messaging space.

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    Collaborate with ease

    Join scheduled meetings and share content easily and intuitively.

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    Work hands-free

    Voice controls allow you to work hands-free and avoid distractions.

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    Focus on what matters

    Stay focused on what matters most with intelligent features like annotations and head tracking.

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    Efficiently capture what's important

    Image capture and recordings take meeting notes to the next level.

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    Customize your meetings

    Flexible meeting layouts let you customize to suit the needs of any meeting.

  • A soldier in combat gear kneels in a field and consults a tablet while another soldier looks on.
    Webex Expert on Demand for Government.

    Webex Expert on Demand for Government empowers public organizations to collaborate with confidence. Keep frontline workers and remote experts connected with end-to-end encryption that meets FedRAMP Impact Level 2 requirements.

    The benefits of real-time collaboration.

    Connect with experts in real time.

    Boost your frontline productivity with high-quality, hands-free collaboration and connect with remote experts around the globe for real-time assistance.

    A remote expert in a home office advises a frontline worker on site, leveraging Webex Expert on Demand.

    Work smarter and safer anywhere.

    Livestream hands free directly from your headset, safely collaborating to resolve critical incidents and achieve faster repair times, as well as higher first-time fix rates.

    A frontline worker wearing a RealWear Headset works on some machinery, leveraging Webex Expert on Demand.

    Maximize savings. Minimize downtime.

    Improve productivity, increase efficiency, and reduce operational downtime—plus, bring travel costs under control by removing the need for physical travel.

    A medical professional in scrubs and a stethoscope utilizes a mobile phone.
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