Bringing viewers at home into the show

Tamron Hall Show

“This is something that really has never been done. And to be partnered with a company (Cisco Webex) that says, “ok we get it”, means the world.”

Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall Show

The Tamron Hall Show is an American talk show that first made its debut onto screens in September 2019. Hosted by news reporter, Tamron Hall, it aims to connect viewers with the people who are shaping the world through meaningful, engaging, and entertaining conversations.

On each episode, the Tamron Hall Show invites remote viewers into the audience through Cisco Webex in what they call the “Cyber Hall”. People who can’t join in person are invited to join via video conferencing in their homes, their offices, or wherever they are. But they aren’t just viewers. Similar to the live audience, these remote attendees are also encouraged to interact with the audience as if they were in the room.

On top of that, the staff is able to act quickly, and use Webex video conferencing to bring experts and outside opinions and voices onto the show. As one of the only day time shows to bring viewers into the conversation, the Tamron Hall Show is excelling at helping people feel connected and making sure their voices are being heard from around the world.

Using Cisco Webex, we’re able to act quickly, and bring in experts and outside opinions to our show. Everybody really enjoys using the technology.

Joe Robinson

Line Producer and Tech Manager
Tamron Hall Show

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