Survey: Webex Tops Leading PBX Vendor Cloud Offerings

More businesses are realizing that cloud-based integrated collaboration solutions can help address pressing challenges such as: a distributed, hybrid workforce; the need for seamless integration among collaboration apps; and a more flexible, cost-effective infrastructure.

Apprize360 discovered in a recent survey that 71% of interviewed companies had migrated or were planning to migrate to a cloud-based PBX. Here are the five primary reasons why migrating to cloud calling makes sense for today’s businesses:

  • Better employee experience
  • Great customer experience
  • Reduced cost and complexity
  • Seamless cloud migration path
  • Support for a flexible, extensible solution

Download Apprize360’s Cloud-Based PBX Buyers’ Guide now to learn why Webex is considered a leading choice for companies migrating to cloud calling.

Apprize360 Cloud-Based PBX Buyers’Guide

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Chart from Apprize360’s survey showing Webex ranking higher than leading PBX vendor competitors in all 5 categories.

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