The Changing Expectations of Customer Experience

How AI and Technology are Empowering Businesses to Meet Growing Customer Demands.

The landscape of customer experience is rapidly changing, according to new research from The Futurum Group. With customer demands at an all-time high, how can your organization take advantage of new technologies to meet and exceed customer expectations?

Delve into the data from 500 customers from around the world and gain detailed insights and strategic recommendations for businesses striving to meet evolving customer expectations.

In this comprehensive report, you'll learn:

  • Why a mere 25% of respondents were very satisfied with their last customer service experience.
  • How preferences for customer service channels vary across age groups, underscoring the escalating importance of digital platforms.
  • The powerful impact of a company's customer service reputation on consumers' buying decisions.
  • The role AI will play in improving the customer experience and why 94% of respondents are eager for companies to adopt AI capabilities for their contact centers.

Download the full report today to harness the power of AI and revolutionize your customers’ experiences.

The Futurum Group: Customer Experience Report

The Futurum Group research report: The Changing Expectations of Customer Experience. Download Research Report

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