Winning strategies for returning to the office.

The McLaren Formula 1 Team redesigned their HQ to help them return to the office and win at hybrid work. As you evolve your workspaces to meet the needs of hybrid work, it’s important to keep both productivity and safety at the forefront.

In this guide, we offer best practices for supporting employees as they return to the office—whether it’s a few days per week or just once a month.

We’ll take a deep dive into:

  • Reimagining the office as a rich collaboration hub, rather than the default place people go to get work done.
  • Redesigning spaces for hybrid work success.
  • Enabling intuitive room booking and frictionless hot desking.
  • Helping employees feel comfortable returning to the office, providing new guidelines and technology to keep them safe.
  • Selecting the right technology for your hybrid workplace from video conferencing equipment to digital signage and wayfinding devices.

Prioritizing Productivity and Safety in the Workplace

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