Hybrid Work Demands Comprehensive Cloud Calling

Today’s workplaces must evolve to support modern workforces that require always-on, anywhere connectivity.

Faced with an ever-changing landscape, businesses today must embrace complete digital transformation, which includes updating on-premises phone systems to cloud calling. Many business systems have already transformed digitally, but until recently, calling has lagged. Now with superior cloud calling platforms integrated tightly with collaboration and productivity suites—and with flexible PSTN connectivity available—it’s the right time to migrate calling to the cloud. Cloud calling lets businesses:

  • Align with an evolving workplace
  • Keep pace with innovation
  • Adopt a flexible migration path
  • Modernize security
  • Control costs and simplify management
  • Ensure business resiliency

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Future-Proof Your Workplace with Cloud Calling

Cover of Wainhouse report on advantages of future-proofing your workplace with cloud calling and why Webex Calling can help. Download eBook
Wainhouse data shows the upward trend of cloud calling over on-premises phone systems during the past several years.

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