Peering Policy

Peering with AS13445

Cisco Webex supports a selective settlement-free Interconnection (SFI) peering policy with other Internet networks at public Internet exchanges.

To initiate a peering request, email and include your NOC contact information, AS number, IP addresses, requested peering points, maximum advertised prefixes, and MD5 password (optional).

Peering information:

  • ASN: 13445
  • Recommended max IPv4 prefixes: 50
  • Recommended max IPv6 prefixes: 50
  • MD5: optional
  • Peering contact:
  • NOC email:
  • SOC phone (24x7): +1 855-722-7227

  • Amsterdam, AMS-IX IPv4:
  • Amsterdam, AMS-IX IPv6: 2001:7F8:1::A501:3445:1
  • Ashburn, Equinix IPv4:
  • Ashburn, Equinix IPv6: 2001:504:0:2:0:1:3445:1
  • Chicago, Equinix IPv4:
  • Chicago, Equinix IPv6: 2001:504:0:4:0:1:3445:1
  • Dallas, Equinix IPv4:
  • Dallas, Equinix IPv6: 2001:504:0:5:0:1:3445:1
  • Frankfurt, DE-CIX IPv4:
  • Frankfurt, DE-CIX IPv6: 2001:7f8::3485:0:1
  • Frankfurt, DE-CIX 2 IPv4:
  • Frankfurt, DE-CIX 2 IPv6: 2001:7f8::3485:0:2
  • London, LINX LON1 IPv4:
  • London, LINX LON1 IPv6: 2001:7F8:4::3485:1
  • London, LINX LON2 IPv4:
  • London, LINX LON2 IPv6: 2001:7F8:4:1::3485:1
  • Los Angeles, CoreSite IPv4:
  • Los Angeles, CoreSite IPv6: 2001:504:13::187
  • New York, Equinix IPv4:
  • New York, Equinix IPv6: 2001:504:F::1:3445:1
  • New York, NYIIX IPv4:
  • New York, NYIIX IPv6: 2001:504:1::A501:3445:1
  • New-York, DE-CIX IPv4:
  • New York, DE-CIX IPv6: 2001:504:36::3485:0:1
  • San Jose, Equinix IPv4:
  • San Jose, Equinix IPv6: 2001:504:0:1:0:1:3445:1
  • Singapore, Equinix IPv4:
  • Singapore, Equinix IPv6: 2001:de8:4::1:3445:1
  • Sydney, Equinix IPv4:
  • Sydney, Equinix IPv6: 2001:de8:6::1:3445:1
  • Sydney, MegaIX:
  • Sydney, MegaIX: 2001:dea:0:10::159
  • Tokyo, BBIX ipv4:
  • Tokyo, BBIX ipv6: 2001:de8:c::1:3445:1
  • Toronto, TorIX IPv4:
  • Toronto, TorIX IPv6: 2001:504:1a::34:211
  • Mumbai, DE-CIX IPv4:
  • Mumbai, DE-CIX IPv6: 2401:7500:fff6::18c

Peering Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The peer's primary business must be the resale of Internet access.
  2. The peer must be located at an IX where Cisco maintains a presence or must negotiate private peering.
  3. The peer must have a current and complete entry.
  4. The peer must operate a looking glass and/or route-server, and make them available to Cisco Webex.
  5. The peer must operate a 24x7x365 Network Operations Center (NOC).
  6. When notified of a peering or traffic issue(s), the peer must escalate immediately to a senior qualified engineer and provide timely resolution.
  7. The peer shall report network maintenance issues that may affect our BGP session and traffic exchanges.
  8. The peer must NOT point any default route of last resort, add a static route, or otherwise send traffic for a route not advertised over our BGP session. We do not provide transit to other networks. All traffic sent to us must have a specific destination IP address within any of the Webex prefixes we may advertise over BGP to you.
  9. We reserve the right to immediately shutdown peering should any event begin to detrimentally affect our network. Such events may include BGP session flaps, route flaps, excessive routes, denial of service attacks or spam.
  10. The Webex peering team will analyze the peer request based off of internal Webex Meetings minutes data and make a decision to accept or reject the peering accordingly, not all peerings will be accepted.
We reserve the right to modify this document at any time.