How MAD//FEST transformed into a hybrid events trailblazer.

Discover how MAD//Fest brought its iconic in-person event to the hybrid stage with Webex Events (formerly Socio).

MAD//Fest, not your average marketing conference.

MAD//Fest, the largest UK marketing festival, gathers marketers from around the globe and reimagines what an event can be—whether it's in-person, virtual, or hybrid.


MAD//Fest set out to create a compelling hybrid event that blended the best parts of its popular in-person event with all the benefits of its past virtual events.


MAD//Fest leveraged the Webex Events mobile event app and virtual event platform to bring its hybrid audience, sponsors, and exhibitors into an engaging hybrid event experience.


An engaging hybrid event that drew thousands of attendees from around the world and delivered ROI for the event’s sponsors and exhibitors.

One collaboration suite, endless possibilities.

Enjoy the flexibility to work from anywhere with unified, intuitive experiences across calling, meetings, messaging, and more—with people inside and outside your organization.

MAD//Fest's hybrid event success.

After a successful virtual event in 2020, MAD//Fest again leveraged Webex Events to go hybrid in 2021 with great results.

An innovative event format

From its launch in 2018, MAD//Fest has disrupted the traditional conference model, delivering immersive experiences that foster connection.

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Award-winning event experiences

MAD//Fest has won several UK Conference Awards, including Best Hybrid Event, Best New Launch, and Best Networking Event, for its events powered by Webex Events (formerly Socio).

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MAD//Fest’s community-building events

MAD//Fest events consistently draw thousands of attendees from countries around the world to learn, grow, and expand their networks.

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Webex Events

Transforming events, wowing attendees.

[The hybrid event] really took production to another level. We had to cater to the needs of in-person attendees and virtual attendees. That’s where the Webex Events Platform enabled us to seamlessly join the conversation between in-person and online attendees.

Dan Brain, Co-founder, MAD//Fest

Everyone is searching for differentiation at the moment because lots of apps and virtual events look the same but working with [Webex Events] has really helped us customize and make the MAD//Fest app different from everything else that’s out there.

Dan Brain, Co-founder, MAD//Fest

Using the app and the digital platform that Webex Events provides to make MAD//Fest a richer networking experience has been really important.

Dan Brain, Co-founder, MAD//Fest

Especially with virtual events, you have to make them less linear. You’ve got to make them interactive and engaging and break up that content from time to time. So, whether it’s poll questions or things that are just for fun, just giving people that that sort of break from wall-to-wall sessions is really important.

Dan Brain, Co-founder, MAD//Fest

Securing more sponsors is always a key target for me…. That’s helped by the work we do with [Webex Events] with the ability that sponsors have to really get quite a clear understanding of their [ROI] before they even finish a show.

Ian Houghton, Co-founder, MAD//Fest

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