Enable a seamless workspace experience with intuitive room booking, instant views of space availability and calendars, and a single-tap check-in process, combined with insights to optimize every space.

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Cisco Room Navigator for Wall

Simplify space reservation and office navigation with the wall-mounted room scheduling touch display that supports your go-to room booking, wayfinding, and digital signage experiences.

Simplify space reservation and office navigation.

Create shared spaces that promote frictionless in-office experiences while supporting your smart building initiatives.

See room availability at a glance

The touch-enabled booking display shows room availability at a distance with a multi-color status LED to remove the need for disrupting the meeting inside the room.

Book a room on the fly

The scheduling display shows active bookings in a calendar view, allows you to reserve a workspace on the spot, and check into your upcoming meeting.

Get the most out of the office

Leverage smart automation to release a booked room when it’s unused, and run your go-to reservation, digital signage, and wayfinding apps to assist in-office navigation.

Reimagine the workplace experience.

Deploy anywhere

Either deployed as a standalone scheduling panel or paired with a video device, the Room Navigator supports unobtrusive wall mounting and seamless cable management to bring a modern sophistication to any hallway or shared space. It features integrated wall mounting that works with a variety of surfaces, including glass walls, brick walls, and dry walls.

Optimize accessibility

The 360-degree, multi-color status LED, the 15-degree tilt angle and ADA-compliant product design support ergonomics and provides convenience and accessibility for users. For wall preparation guidelines and appropriate mounting height, we recommend consulting the installation guide.

Reduce energy consumption

Enable office hours in Control Hub to turn off features like room booking, digital signage, and motion detection outside designated working hours. This can help save energy and extend the life of the touchscreen. When activated, the device goes into standby mode outside of office hours and to half-wake mode at the beginning of the predefined working hours.

Gain real-time insights

By combining Cisco collaboration devices, Wi-Fi access points, cameras, and other Cisco and third-party devices connected to the network via PoE, your team can better manage deployments and track power consumption while gaining real-time insights into occupancy and environmental conditions via sensors, enabling you to support safety and wellbeing, reduce costs, and lower the carbon footprint of your workspaces.

Design purpose-built spaces, only with Cisco devices

Elevate your Microsoft Teams workspace experience.

Deploy an intuitive, 10-inch room scheduling touch display for the ultimate Teams room booking and workspace experience.

Configure third-party experiences

Run your go-to room booking, wayfinding, and signage solutions from Appspace, UMA, SharingCloud, and more as persistent apps on a flexible scheduler device.

Reimagine your workspaces.

Cisco devices are more than great video conferencing and office navigation hardware. With built-in intelligence and an open platform, they empower your team to work the way you want.

Create an intelligent workplace

Rethink everything about the office—from the purpose it serves to the places where people work and collaborate.

Power hybrid work

Experience exceptional video conferencing, intuitive controls, and intelligent features with RoomOS on Cisco devices.

Elevate your Microsoft Teams Rooms experience

Get the Teams video conferencing you know, powered by intelligent devices you’ll love.

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