25-100m2 / 270-1075ft2

Large Room

Gather your team in a large space and create the feeling of being there for remote participants.

Featured devices
Elevate your spaces with best-in-class technology.
Cisco Room Kit EQX
Choose a fully integrated, bring-your-own-screen solution featuring advanced meeting room AI, immersive sound, flagship design, and versatile mounting options.
Cisco Room Kit EQ
Gain more flexibility with a modular, AI-powered collaboration device bundle providing equitable video meetings and advanced connectivity that works with your displays and AV mounting equipment.
Cisco Room Navigator for Table
Seamlessly join meetings, access conference and room controls, and gain sensor-powered workspace insights with the intuitive, 10-inch tabletop touch console.
Cisco Table Microphone Pro
Make sure everyone’s clearly heard, no matter where they’re sitting, with state-of-the-art, multi-directional conferencing microphones powered by the latest audio over IP technology.
Cisco Room Navigator for Wall
Simplify office navigation with the wall-mounted room scheduling touch display that supports your go-to room booking, wayfinding, and workspace experiences.
Simple and intelligent workspace experiences.

Create an inclusive experience for all and ensure maximum productivity with unobtrusive and user-friendly technology.

Meeting equity

Offer unparalleled experiences by intelligently framing participants, capturing every voice, presenting high-resolution live video and content, and delivering unmatched audio quality.

Effortless deployment

Design your ideal large meeting room and easily scale it across your offices with radically simple deployment, a fully integrated architecture, multiple mounting options, and unified management.

Workspace intelligence

Ensure the optimal conditions for employee wellbeing, track occupancy and usage, and optimize space allocation with sensor-driven insights.

A simple and effective room layout at your fingertips.

Simplify your room deployment.

Remove the clutter from your large spaces with an integrated solution that discreetly conceals all your essential conferencing components and AV mounting equipment while supporting external screens. This configuration helps you streamline installation and maintenance while reducing the total cost of integration and ongoing support.

Keep everyone perfectly framed.

The 80 MP Quad Camera, integrated into the main module, features multiple lenses and powerful AI software that dynamically tracks active speakers and frames all participants, ensuring equal visibility. Expandable with PTZ cameras, it supports advanced scenarios such as extended reach speaker view, cinematic cross-views to capture cross-table discussions, and inclusive views of presenters and audiences for hybrid presentations.

Capture every voice.

Supporting flexible, plug-and-play extension with the latest generation of IP-based, directional microphones, your teams can confidently ensure all voices are heard with clarity, while blocking out unwanted background noise.

Your large meeting room, maximized.

Capture all participants

The Room Kit EQX has a fixed height optimized to provide the best video conferencing views, whether you choose the wall or floor stand. If deploying the wall-mount model, we recommend adhering to the mounting height specified in the installation guide to ensure an optimal camera point of view on the far end and a natural posture for people in the room.

Picture-perfect framing

The Room Kit EQX accommodates external screens ranging from 65” to 75” with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Selecting the appropriate screen size is key to an excellent meeting experience. We recommend aligning the top edge of the screens to the “T” alignment mark on the top grille to ensure clear visibility and prevent the screens from obstructing the camera's field of view.

Get the best audio experience

Enhance your audio experience with an acoustically absorbing suspended ceiling panel, porous, acoustical wall panels on adjoining walls, and decorative elements such as wooden batten patterns. The windows can be arranged in segments that are at an angle to the opposite wall to suppress flutter echo. Additionally, you can mount transparent, micro-perforated plastic panels in front of the glass to provide additional sound absorption.

Boost audio pickup

When deploying the Room Kit EQX system, adding external table or ceiling microphones is crucial for optimum speech pickup. For the best acoustic coverage, we recommend adding up to eight Cisco Table Microphone Pro units over IP, depending on room characteristics and table dimensions.

Simple deployments

The Room Kit EQX is an integrated, easily deployable solution that works with external flat panel displays. The main module features durable housing for the video system and cabling, as well as dual VESA mounts, with multiple mounting options for walls and floors to eliminate the need for complex system integration.

Optimal room design

High-quality furniture is essential for a successful meeting experience. We recommend a slightly slanted, tapered table shape with the widest edge nearest the screen, tapering toward the far end to ensure that everyone is visible on the camera and has a clear line of sight towards the screens.

Get the perfect lighting

To ensure meeting participants look their best, they should be lit from the front (fill light), top (key light), and back (backlight). For optimal visibility, eye contact, subject highlighting, and scene depth, use glare-free luminaries with a beam angle of 90°or wider to evenly distribute light throughout the room.

Fine-tuning colors

We recommend using a light intensity of 400-500 lux, measured vertically, to clearly capture facial features, and 700-900 lux for optimal brightness on horizontal work surfaces. Room lighting should be even, and a light color temperature of 4000 K is generally suitable for most scenarios. For accurate color representation of skin tones and interiors, use a color rendering index (CRI) of 85 or better.

Design purpose-built spaces, only with Cisco devices.

Deploy a flexible room kit for inclusive video conferencing.

Featuring the standalone Cisco Quad Camera and the AI-powered Codec EQ, this setup is the perfect choice to get more flexibility in the room design and protect your investment in third-party mounting hardware.

Enjoy the best in interactive whiteboarding and brainstorming.

Enable interactive brainstorming and spark innovation with a touch-enabled video device that provides a clear view and crisp audio for all participants in larger rooms with a casual room configuration.

Reimagine your workspaces.

Cisco devices are more than great video conferencing hardware. With built-in intelligence and an open platform, they empower your team to work the way you want.

AI-powered cinematic meetings

Create inclusive experiences for all participants with multi-camera intelligence.

Simplify and streamline video collaboration

Eliminate complexity to get the ultimate hybrid work experience.

Elevate your Microsoft Teams Rooms experience

Get the Teams video conferencing you know, powered by intelligent devices you’ll love.

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