Hot Desk

Optimize shared desk spaces with hot desking solutions that give employees a personalized and productive experience at any desk.

Featured devices
Get the best shared desk experience.
Cisco Desk Phone 9800 Series
More than a phone, these devices are the cost-effective solution for equipping workstations at scale.
Cisco Desk Camera 4K
Enhance your office or virtual office space with a cutting-edge USB webcam. Get high-quality video on any monitor or laptop.
Cisco Desk Pro
Enable the ultimate video-enabled hot desk experience with a versatile, all-in-one touch device for video conferencing and visual collaboration.
Cisco Headset 720 Series
A lightweight headset that provides easy connectivity, 276° rotation boom arm with flip-to-mute, and voice activated microphones.
Maximizing individual workspaces with hot desking.

Create dynamic workspaces designed to support hybrid workers while getting the most out of your office real estate.

Book in advance or on the fly

Get the flexibility to reserve a space to work before you head into the office, from the lobby, or when you see a space become available.

Secure login

Make the space yours with a secure login process by scanning the QR code and selecting how long you would like to reserve the desk space.

Personalized space

Enjoy your space for the day with access to upcoming meetings, intelligent voice calling and video collaboration while blocking out distraction with advanced noise-cancellation.

A simple and effective room layout at your fingertips.

Easily identify available workspaces.

Get the best of both worlds by providing your employees with a mixed setup to decide how they want to work that day. Design some spaces for a cost-effective, modular configuration while equipping others with the ultimate video collaboration experience.

Sound your best.

Experience the best audio technology with premium speakers and AI for noise removal. On a busy day in the office, you can optimize these features on the Desk Pro and Desk Phone by pairing it with a Cisco Headset.

Get high-quality video.

The 71-degree-horizontal-field-of-view, integrated camera in the Desk Pro captures a wide-angle view of one or two people in front of the device and uses sophisticated vertical tilt adjustment using head detection to keep the user perfectly framed.

Design productive hot desk spaces.

Create the perfect space for audio

Good acoustical conditions are essential in an open-plan office. Use an acoustically absorbing suspended ceiling and acoustical wall panels, preferably on adjoining walls. Partitions made of sound absorbing material can be used to increase privacy.

Silence background buzz

To reduce the sound of footsteps and the movement of chairs we recommend using carpet on the floor. Consider engaging an acoustical consultant to optimize complex spaces.

Focus on the moments that matter

The all-in-one Cisco Desk Series devices are designed for the optimal height and camera viewing angle when the device is placed on a desk. When the Desk or Desk Pro are mounted on the wall with or without a VESA adapter kit, we recommend following the mounting height indicated in the installation guide for a natural posture for users when they interact with the touch display.

Tailor your deployment

The right furniture and interior design make all the difference. Ensuring the right colors combined with comfortable furniture will keep employees productive. Allow users to easily navigate and find their space for the day by making sure all components are setup in the right place in the room. If video is deployed, we recommend ensuring the correct distance from the camera to the floor and the camera to the user.

Get the perfect lighting

To ensure meeting participants look their best, they should be lit from the front (fill light), top (key light), and back (backlight). For optimal visibility, eye contact, subject highlighting, and scene depth, use a glare-free luminary with a beam angle of 90°or wider, evenly distributing light throughout the room.

Fine-tuning color

We recommend using a light intensity of 400-500 lux, measured vertically, to clearly capture facial features, and 700-900 lux for optimal brightness on horizontal work surfaces. Room lighting should be even, and a light color temperature of 4000 K is generally suitable for most scenarios. For accurate color representation of skin tones and interiors, use a color rendering index (CRI) of 85 or better.

Customize your shared desk spaces.

Seamless and cost-effective solutions that scale.

Take the stress out of going to the office with devices designed for great audio, easy desk reservation, hot desking, and personalization.

A flexible approach to video-enabled hot desking.

Equip your shared desks for modern hot desking with an intelligent webcam that brings facial recognition, vibrant 4K resolution, and smart controls.

The all-in-one collaboration experiences.

Uplevel your shared desk spaces with the ultimate desk device for high-quality video and audio, digital whiteboarding, laptop charging, and rich content sharing.

Reimagine your Microsoft Teams-enabled hot desks.

Deploy premium-quality, all-in-one desk devices to bring an elevated Microsoft Teams display experience to your shared desks.

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