Design intelligent office experience by providing employees and visitors with the resources they need to navigate and make the most of their time spent in the workplace.

Featured devices
Elevate your spaces with best-in-class technology.
Cisco Desk Pro
The all-in-one, 27-inch desk device for video collaboration, virtual reception, visitor check-ins, and office navigation.
Cisco Board Pro G2
Reimagine workspace experiences with the 55” or 75” touch-enabled, all-in-one collaboration board for interactive signage and integrated office navigation tools, in addition to remarkable video meetings and whiteboarding.
Cisco Meraki MV Smart Cameras
Monitor more than just security with Meraki cloud-first smart cameras for business insights.
Cisco Wi-Fi Access Points
Cisco wireless access points feature integrated, easy-to-use technologies to provide secure, cloud-managed connectivity for your network.
Create an intelligent, hybrid office experience.

Design your reception area and shared spaces to deliver a frictionless in-office journey while supporting your smart building initiatives.

Welcome employees and visitors

When it’s time to check in, the Desk Pro can function as a self-service digital kiosk to display web apps and digital signage for navigation, office policies, safety information, and company news. It can also be set up to act as a virtual concierge for visitors.

Optimize resource utilization

Visualize rich, interactive 3D floor maps from Cisco Spaces on the Board Pro G2 to display room availability and readiness based on sensor information, provide navigation for employees and visitors while monitoring resource availability in real-time.

Get the most out of the office

Use smart Cisco Meraki cameras and built-in collaboration device sensors to track occupancy as people enter and exit the building. These devices also monitor safety and wellbeing conditions like temperature, noise levels, humidity, and air quality.

Reimagine the workplace experience.

Simple deployment

The Desk Pro can be used as a desktop device with flexible placement in reception areas. When mounted on the wall with or without a VESA adapter kit from Cisco, we recommend following the mounting height indicated in the installation guide for a natural posture for users when interacting with the touch display. Alternatively, it can be integrated with a fixed or mobile floor-stand, available from specialist Cisco partners.

Optimize accessibility

When deploying the wall-mount model of the Board Pro G2, we recommend following the mounting height indicated in the installation guide for a natural posture for people in the room when interacting with the touch display. The device also features a wall-stand, floor-stand, and a mobile wheel-stand model for a more flexible room configuration.

Reduce your carbon footprint

You can set up the device with office hours in Control Hub to turn off features like digital signage and motion detection outside designated working hours. This can save energy and extend the life of the touchscreen. When activated, the device goes into standby mode outside of office hours and to half-wake mode at the beginning of the predefined working hours.

Gain real-time insights

By combining Cisco collaboration devices, Wi-Fi access points, cameras, and other Cisco and third-party devices connected to the network via PoE, your team can better manage deployments and track power consumption while gaining real-time insights into occupancy and environmental conditions via sensors, enabling you to support safety and well-being, reduce costs, and lower the carbon footprint of your workspaces.

Get started with Cisco Spaces

Cisco Spaces is a single scalable, reliable cloud platform that digitizes spaces and makes them safer, smarter, more sustainable, while delivering seamless experiences.

Reimagine your workspaces.

Cisco devices are more than great video conferencing and reception hardware. With built-in intelligence and an open platform, they empower your team to work the way you want.

Create an intelligent workplace

Rethink everything about the office—from the purpose it serves to the places where people work and collaborate.

Power hybrid work with RoomOS

Experience exceptional video conferencing, intuitive controls, and intelligent features with RoomOS on Cisco devices.

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