100-250m2 / 1075-2155ft2

Training Room

Fully engage the audience in inclusive, hybrid learning sessions where the presenter and shared content are both front and center.

Featured devices
Elevate your spaces with best-in-class technology.
Cisco Room Kit EQ
Get the ultimate, AI-powered collaboration device bundle to power equitable video meetings and enhanced connectivity for your large meeting spaces.
Cisco Room Navigator for Table
Seamlessly join meetings, access conference and room controls, and gain sensor-powered workspace insights with the intuitive, 10-inch tabletop touch console.
Cisco PTZ 4K Camera
Make every meeting pixel-perfect by extending your deployment with an AI-powered, premium pan-tilt-zoom camera for the ultimate multi-camera video intelligence.
Cisco Ceiling Microphone
Deploy intelligent and affordable conferencing microphones that provide efficient speech capture while blending into your workspace environment.
Cisco Room Navigator for Wall
Simplify space reservation with the wall-mounted room scheduling touch display that supports your go-to room booking, wayfinding, and workspace experiences.
Create an inclusive hybrid training space.

Allow local and remote presenters to engage with their audience and ensure engagement with purpose-built collaboration technology.

Equitable training sessions

Offer the ultimate training experience by dynamically tracking local presenters, displaying a prominent view of remote speakers, and giving the audience a front-row seat no matter where they are, while delivering immersive, crisp sound for everyone.

Flexible deployment

Design your ideal training room and easily scale it across your offices with radically simple deployment, a flexible architecture, plug-and-play connectivity, and unified management of your video system and peripherals.

Vibrant presentations

Empower the presenters with enterprise-grade, versatile content sharing—using your go-to wireless sharing solutions or connect your devices via a single cable for simple and convenient presentations.

A simple and effective room layout at your fingertips.

Simplify your room deployment.

Remove the clutter from your training spaces with a modular solution that features a compute engine, multiple cameras, and all your essential conferencing components while supporting multiple external screens and third-party mounting solutions. This configuration helps you streamline installation and maintenance with less components in the room while reducing the total cost of integration and ongoing support.

Keep everyone perfectly framed.

The 80 MP Quad Camera features multiple lenses combined with powerful AI processing to dynamically track active speakers and frame audience members, ensuring equal visibility. Augment your hybrid presentation by expanding the setup with an intelligent PTZ camera to provide dynamic views of one or multiple presenters as they move around the stage.

Capture every voice.

Supporting flexible, plug-and-play extension with Cisco ceiling microphones, both presenters and the in-room audience can ensure all voices are heard with clarity, while keeping your training room environment clean and professional with an unobtrusive setup.

Your training room, maximized.

Mounting recommendations

When deploying the solution, consider the position of the Quad Camera bar, screen(s), and the space between people and the device. To get the best viewing angle and support eye contact between the remote presenter and the in-room audience, we recommend placing the video bar above the live video/remote presenter display, but not too high to avoid a top-down effect. When installing it under the screen, make sure the screen isn’t mounted too high so that proper ergonomics can be maintained for in-room participants.

Optimal views

In order to help the local presenter get better visibility of the remote audience and maintain eye contact, we recommend augmenting the deployment with a Cisco PTZ 4K Camera and a remote audience screen in a bundled installation on the sidewall or on the wall opposite to the front-of-room setup.

Get the best audio experience

Enhance your audio experience with an acoustically absorbing suspended ceiling panel along with acoustical wall panels on adjoining walls. For rooms with parallel glass walls, use heavy curtains or special transparent acoustic panels. Decorative elements like the wooden batten pattern can be effectively used as wall absorbers. To dampen the sound of footsteps and moving chairs, we recommend carpeting on the floor.

Boost audio pickup

When deploying the Room Kit EQ, adding external Cisco table or ceiling microphones is critical for optimum speech pickup. For the best acoustic coverage for the presenter and the audience, we recommend adding multiple ceiling microphones facing both the presenter and the audience to keep the environment free of cabling and other hardware.

Simple deployments

This room layout provides you with a flexible and modular approach to equipping your large training room with video collaboration devices that work with external screens of any sizes, third-party AV furniture and specialist mounting. Alternatively, you can opt for the Room Kit EQX integrated solution featuring a main AV module that conceals all conferencing components with multiple integrated deployment options for the floor or wall. The setup also works with AV credenzas from Cisco partners.

Optimal room design

High-quality furniture is essential for a successful training experience. The room layout can follow a traditional classroom-style configuration or, alternatively, can be arranged using a U-shaped, horseshoe-style blueprint to better support in-room discussions. For low video bar placement, consider applying modesty panels on the table(s).

Get the perfect lighting

To ensure meeting participants look their best, they should be lit from the front (fill light), top (key light), and back (backlight). For optimal visibility, eye contact, subject highlighting, and scene depth, use glare-free luminaries with a beam angle of 90°or wider to evenly distribute light throughout the room.

Fine-tuning colors

We recommend using a light intensity of 400-500 lux, measured vertically, to clearly capture facial features, and 700-900 lux for optimal brightness on horizontal work surfaces. Room lighting should be even, and a light color temperature of 4000 K is generally suitable for most scenarios. For accurate color representation of skin tones and interiors, use a color rendering index (CRI) of 85 or better.

Design purpose-built spaces, only with Cisco devices.

Deploy an integrated front-of-room setup.

Featuring the multi-screen, comprehensive Room Kit EQX, this setup is the perfect choice to streamline installation, ease maintenance, and lower the effort and cost of integration and ongoing support.

Support in-room discussions and connection with remote participants.

Featuring a horseshoe-style table, this setup is the perfect choice to support discussions across the table as well as keeping people on the far end of the table part of the session.

Enjoy the best in interactive whiteboarding and brainstorming.

Enable interactive brainstorming and create interactive training sessions with a touch-enabled video device that provides a clear view and crisp audio for all participants in larger rooms with a casual room configuration.

Reimagine your workspaces.

Cisco devices are more than great video conferencing hardware. With built-in intelligence and an open platform, they empower your team to work the way you want.

Inclusive presenter and audience views

Create inclusive experiences for hybrid presentations with multi-camera presenter and audience views and the power of multi-stream layouts.

Simplify and streamline video collaboration

Eliminate complexity to get the ultimate hybrid work experience.

Elevate your Microsoft Teams Rooms experience

Get the Teams video conferencing you know, powered by intelligent devices you’ll love.

Get started today.